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Country: Croatia
Altitude: 581 m
Type: peak
Views: 49.488
Popularity: 42% (1972. place)
Number of pictures: 3
Number of trails: 2
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of peak:
Brezovica is a mountain located approximately between Krapiny and Đurmanca. It is sharply divided from Strahinjcica by the Krapinice gorge. From the south and east it has a conical appearance and loks quite interesting. In the past, the mountain was quite popular among Krapina mountaineers, but when a mountain lodge was built on the higher neighbouring Strahinjcica, it unfortunately fell into oblivion. A few years ago, a mountain hut was also built on Brezovica, the Ačka hut, which is located on the south side, at the end of the village of Petrovsko, far from the summit.
There is a TV tower at the top of Brezovica.
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Brezovica Brezovica Brezovica
Krapina / Dolići - Brezovica1 heasy marked way
Krapina / Žutnica - Brezovica1 h 10 mineasy unmarked way
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