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Krapina / Žutnica - Brezovica

Starting point: Krapina / Žutnica (191 m)
Destination: Brezovica (581 m)
Time of walking: 1 h 10 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 390 m
Altitude difference po putu: 400 m
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter):
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Access to the starting point:
a) Via Border crossing Gruškovje / Macelj, drive to Croatia. Leave the motorway at the exit Đurmanec and drive to the village. From the roundabout continue towards Krapina, then follow the old road along the Krapinice valley until you reach the Krapina suburb of Doliča. At the first crossroads, turn left for Varaždin, cross the railway line and park in the parking lot next to Žutnica railway station.
b) You can also arrive in Croatia via Border crossing Dobovec / Lupinjak. From here it is 10 minutes to Đurmanac, from where you continue as described above.
Path description:
From Žutnica railway station go west, across the railway line to the crossroads, and straight up the stairs from the crossroads. The path continues up through Dolice, where you reach the motorway underpass. On the other side of the motorway, go to the hunting lodge with the green fence, where the asphalt ends.
Here go left on the wider cart track and right on the steeper narrower cart track, which soon lays down and leads you along the woods and meadow. A little further on, we will cross a stream and come to a short erosion gully cart track. Above the erosion part, the path turns right downhill, if you are right, it seems that you should go straight on (even going straight on you would have reached your destination, but on a longer path). Then it descends downhill until you reach the next stream, which you cross and enter the woods. The forest ends at a hunting observation post, after which you continue through an overgrown coppice, where you go left back into the forest. The path ahead leads along cart track, and when you reach it the orienteering problems end. Further on, follow cart track, which leads us through the forest and along the edge of the meadow, and later we arrive at the asphalt road Brezovica Petrovska - Petrovsko.
On the asphalt, take a sharp right and follow the more frequent markings (up to this point only a few old faded markings have been seen), which lead us to a service road leading to the top of Brezovica to a telecommunications facility. Walk along the road and after twenty minutes of further walking you arrive just below the summit.
As the facility is fenced off, it is not possible to climb to the top.
There is no view due to the forest, but if you continue in the direction of Strahinjščice, after a few 10 steps you will reach a place from where you will have a beautiful view to the north.
The first part of the trail is quite difficult in terms of orientation and the path is quite muddy after rain.
zemljovid puta - Brezovica
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