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Terms of use

Terms of use

All information on the website is informative and the owner of the website is in no way responsible for any damage or accidents caused by incorrect information on the website. The website owner also assumes no responsibility for the content of contributions posted by users and has the right to modify and delete all user contributions. The website owner also has the right to disable the posting of messages to any user at its sole discretion. User requests to remove any post are considered by the website owner at its sole discretion. On the page, the rule of one person, one username applies. Existing users are therefore prohibited from creating new user accounts. In order to prevent misuse, we keep some information about you and your computer (e-mail address, IP number), but we do not pass it on to third parties.
Temperatures published on websites are approximations calculated based on altitude.
All images and texts on the pages are protected by copyright and may not be used without the author's permission.

On is:
- prohibited to use curse words and insults.
- publication of content that violates the law is prohibited.
- unwanted excessive use of CAPITAL LETTERS.

The website operator is: Spletne storitve, Tadej Lukan s.p.

Privacy policy
At, we value your privacy, so we always carefully protect your data. This privacy policy may be changed or amended at any time without prior warning or notice.

The site stores data:
- which the user enters during registration
- data that is registered when viewing the content of our websites
- data collected during active user participation

In the voluntary registration process, the user enters his e-mail address, which we keep for the purpose of forwarding a forgotten password. We do not send other messages to users. During registration, we also store the IP address. We store IP addresses based on the legitimate interest of ensuring an adequate level of security of the web server and the services located on the server.

For the purposes of statistics of visits, the website uses the web service Google Analytics, but does not use personal data of users.

For advertising purposes, the website also uses the DoubleClick for Publishers service, which, if you agree, can also process personal data for the delivery of personalized ads.
Do you allow DoubleClick for Publishers to process your personal information to deliver customized ads?
I allow
I don't allow it

We use the data collected in the described procedures exclusively to improve the quality of our websites and for the needs of statistics of visits and advertising.

The website does not forward user data to third parties.
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