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About cookies:
Cookies are small text files that are stored in the memory of your web browser. Cookies are nothing new and are used by most websites to provide a better user experience. What is new is the ZEKom-1 law, which introduces changes regarding notification or consent of visitors to their use. The website uses cookies only to provide a better user experience, and with the help of cookies we do not store visitors' personal data. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, some functions on the website will not work.

Own cookies of the website:
name of cookiepurpose cookie duration
ASPSESSIONIDXXXXXXXXsesijski kolačićcurrent session
apautomatic login1 year
pconsent to cookies4 years
zconsent to the privacy policy4 years
UporabnikIDKamerefavorite webcams4 years
xprevention of misuse4 years

Cookies of external websites/services on the website (Google Adsense):
name of cookiepurposecookie duration
_drt_enables more appropriate display of ads based on visited websites in the pastpersistent
test_cookiecheck whether the browser accepts the _drt_ cookiepersistent

Privacy policy:
On the website, we value your privacy, so we always carefully protect your data. This privacy policy may be changed or amended at any time, without prior warning or notice.

The site stores data:
- which the user enters in the registration process
- data registered when viewing the content of our web pages
- data collected during active user participation

In the voluntary registration process, the user enters his e-mail address, which we keep for the purpose of forwarding a forgotten password. We do not send other messages to users. During registration, we also store the IP address. We store IP addresses based on the legitimate interest of ensuring an adequate level of security of the web server and the services located on the server.

For the purposes of statistics of visits, the website uses the web service Google Analytics, but does not use personal data of users.

For advertising purposes, the website also uses the DoubleClick for Publishers service, which, if you agree, can also process personal data for the delivery of personalized ads.

We use the data collected in the described procedures exclusively to improve the quality of our websites and for the needs of statistics of visits and advertising.

The website does not forward user data to third parties.
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