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Krapina / Dolići - Brezovica

Starting point: Krapina / Dolići (192 m)
Destination: Brezovica (581 m)
Time of walking: 1 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Altitude difference: 389 m
Altitude difference po putu: 389 m
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter):
Author: Marx
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Access to the starting point:
a) Via Border crossing Gruškovje / Macelj, drive to Croatia. Leave the motorway at the exit Đurmanec and drive to the village. From the roundabout continue in the direction of Krapina, then follow the old road along the valley of Krapinice, which is only a one-minute drive, because before the sharp right turn, park in a suitable place on the roadside. (If the parking lot is occupied, drive to the beginning of Krapina, where turn left towards the Krapina-Zutnica railway station, where there is a large parking lot. )
b) You can also arrive in Croatia via Border crossing Dobovec / Lupinjak. From here it is 10 minutes to Đurmanac, from where you continue as described above.
Path description:
From the starting point, continue along the asphalt road south towards Krapina, but only until the right turn, where you will see the first markings. The path leads into the forest and starts to climb quite steeply to a ridge above an abandoned quarry. Here the steepness gradually eases and the path leads us to a clearing from which we have a beautiful view to the south (looking towards Krapina and Slemen). From the clearing, continue to the right, then follow cart track into the forest, where the old path joins us, and we continue a little further on to cart track.
The cart track continues northwards, and we follow it past two forks until we reach the steep eastern slope. Here the path starts to climb steeply and leads us in two serpentines to the southern slope, where it lies down (during the climb a view to the east opens up for a while). A slight climb follows and we reach a ridge where the path turns westwards. In a few minutes you reach a service road leading to the TV tower. Once on the road, it is only a minute's walk to the top.
From the top of Brezovica you can see Varaždin and Čakovec to the east and Pohorje to the north, but this view is already very obstructed by the forest.
zemljovid puta - Brezovica
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Discussion about the trail Krapina / Dolići - Brezovica
Marx24. 03. 2020
Kdo bo zdaj šel po ti poti bo imal precej težav s orientacijo ker je del od slike 10 do slike 13 zdaj ena velika poseka, gozda ni več... Potem je vse kot v opisu. Tudi do objekta na vrhu ni več mogoče priti ker je zdaj ograjen.
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