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Laze - Črni vrh above Novaki

Starting point: Laze (850 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,1513°N 14,0753°E
Time of walking: 2 h
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 441 m
Altitude difference po putu: 550 m
Map: Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter):
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Access to the starting point:
a) From Škofja Loka drive towards Gorenjska vas and on to Hotavlje, where turn right towards Leskovica. The road soon leads to the village of Kopačnica, after which it begins to climb steeply and leads us higher up to the village of Leskovica. From Leskovica continue towards SC Cerkno, and follow the road only as far as the next village of Laze, where the signs for the Ribič and Blegoš apartments direct you to the right towards that village. Park a little over 100 m higher, by the sports field of ŠD Gamsi Laze.
b) Drive to Cerkno, then follow the road towards the ski resort Cerkno and Dolenji Novaky. In Dolenji Novaki leave the road leading to the ski resort and Železniki and continue along the road towards Gorenji Novaki, Leskovica and Gorenjska vas. Follow the road to Gorenjska vas or Hotavlje to Laze, where the signs for Apartment Ribič and Blegoš direct you to the left towards the aforementioned village. Park a little over 100 m higher, by the sports ground of ŠD Gamsi Laze.
Path description:
Just a few metres before the playground, you can see the start of the marked trail leading to Blegoš. Take the above-mentioned path, which starts to climb moderately on the wide cart track. Higher up, cart track narrows, and it turns into a dense forest where, after a few minutes' further walking, it leads to an unmarked crossroads.
Continue along the left unmarked cart track (slightly right Blegoš), which gradually starts to climb a little steeper. Cart track, along which you can see some old faded markings, leads us higher to a lonely farmhouse. The way ahead crosses a short lane of wods, then leads us to a grassy slope, which we quickly climb to a nearby macadam road. Follow the road to the right, which quickly leads to some houses. After the last house, the road changes again to cart track, and after a short climb it leads to a small crossroads, where we continue to the left. A short crossing to the left follows and the path leads us to the saddle Slugov grič, where we rejoin the waymarked path.
At the saddle, just cross the forest road and continue the ascent towards Črnega vrha. The way forward is first moderate, then quite steeply climbing towards the summit of Smoletovše (1300 m). After a short climb, we reach the summit, and the path then begins to descend moderately towards the Pretovč saddle. After a descent of a few minutes through sparse forest and blueberry plantations, the saddle is reached, where the forest road is crossed again. The ascent continues along a marked path, which after a few minutes of further walking leads to the top of Črnega vrh, at the edge of which you can see an artificial lake, intended for snow-making on the ski slope.
zemljovid puta - Črni vrh above Novaki
On the way: Slugov grič (1223m), Smoletovše (1300m), Pretovč (1217m)
We can extend the trip to the following destinations: Koča na Blegošu, Blegoš
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Laze - Črni vrh above Novaki1
Laze - Črni vrh above Novaki2
Laze - Črni vrh above Novaki3
Laze - Črni vrh above Novaki4
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