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Ruška koča na Arehu - Koča na Klopnem vrhu -

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mountain ranges / Pohorje and remaining northeastern Sloveniakoča na klopnem vrhu / Ruška koča na Arehu - Koča na Klopnem vrhu

Ruška koča na Arehu - Koča na Klopnem vrhu

Starting point: Ruška koča na Arehu (1246 m)
Destination: Koča na Klopnem vrhu (1260 m)
Path name: -
Time of walking: 3 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: easily
Altitude difference: 14 m
Altitude difference (by path): 885 m
Map: Pohorje 1:50.000
Hiking equipment (summer):
Hiking equipment (winter):
Author: gasilec
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Access to starting point (automatic translation):

From the south Mariborske cross the traffic lights turn into the town wants, on the road, which is fully asphalted, after 18 km to arrive Areh. Crossroads fully equipped with the appropriate signposts.

Path description (automatic translation):

From the parking lot on the west side across the macadam road, following it through the woods some 0. 6 km, until you get to the edge of the forest. We have two options available: either we go a little further and then by code left up at the ski route through the highest point Žigartovega Summit, or we decide to Uhoje left a good and broad path through the south-eastern slopes Žigartovega Summit, this time is 15 minutes shorter than the aforementioned variants. We decided for the latter and turn left and take the comfortable route, which takes place initially just reverts to forest, then rises slightly, until Sunday us on the right path to connect the variants Žigartovega Summit (* 30 min). The path is a little drop, to a lesser zaraščajoči clearing us through the trees for a moment to open view, but the trees again mask. Cross macadam road, after ravnici on the left to circumvent more JASO and then begin to set Peršetovega Summit, where we are. Get to the monument NOB (* 40 min), where the path re-settled, some 30 meters from the monument is a crossing mountain path, left the way for three kings, but our road turns right, tell us designation as a "Sand" on the tree. Young people walk through the woods about 200 m and get to the macadam crossings and forest roads. Cut across macadam road and continue straight to wooded road to its end on a small clearing. The path is now slightly for a short time vzpne through the woods, on top slightly to the left and then right down, cut across zaraščajočo forest JASO, followed by an upturn. We are located at the top of Bajgotovem, the route passing the highest point on the north side and in quiet weather to hear the roaring waterfall Šumik. The path begins steeply go into the povirje Lobnice, cross macadam road, a few meters through the woods (or, as the road around) and arrive to the city, called Bajgot, which is also known crossing mountain paths (* 45 min, from poor Areh 2 hours). We are at the lowest point of our tours, at this point is sotočje Lobnice, Kraljščice and Črnave. There is greater macadam parking lot, in the trees at the sides are arranged benches and tables for pohodnike. We have close to the edge of the protected area and to the extent that it permits time, we can examine the Great Šumik waterfall, which is about 20 minutes downhill, return via the same channels. In the parking lot toward the west by road, which immediately at the first right-hand bend crosses Lobnico, already in a minute but left the road and we turn left up in the woods, reminds us as a signpost for the top Klopni. The path is quickly offset, cut across the forest road to Osankarico (there is also turn hiking trails for Sand and Osankarico), and in some 50 m down through the woods and arrive to other forest roads, after which turn left. After a larger than jase, where skupinica houses, then turn left down the road signpost Klopni-top (* 20 min) (in the bad weather may continue as at that road, which gradually climbs). The path leads through the forest, but over time we see each other over the contours of forest roads, the path it followed all the time, until it in the latter part of Sunday connect. SECRETARIES below the top of the road ends (* 45 min), and we do here, turn right into the woods on a level slope downwards. Come to a crossroads (* 15 min), left the path leads past Pacific Lakes ( "falska tajht") and through the Three nails on Osankarico, but our path turns right. Pot still go down, not cut across two small streams and arrive at a good kolovoz, leave the forest and after ravnici arrive to the monument NOB on our left hand. The following our path leads straight and slightly downward and to move to a forest road on the right side, we start to open up view. On the left side of the run-off channels for Sand, at the intersection of forest roads and go straight to arrive objective (* 15 min).

On the way: Tehe Veliki Šumik waterfall (950m)
Trip can be prolonged to next destinations: Klopni vrh
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