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Here is everything you need to know about hiking, walking and climbing in Slovenian, Italian, Austrian and Croatian mountains.
In list of mountains and trip search sections you will find thousands of hiking trips with detailed description and lots of great photos. There is everything from easy hikes for family hiking to extremely difficult via ferratas and pathless trails for experienced hikers.
On web portal you will also find 360 degree panoramas, Webcams, GPS tracks and more.
Join our hiking community and publish your own hiking trips, hiking articles, news and participate in our international hiking forum.
Katera rožca je to?
Uf, koliko znanja se skriva v vaših glavah! Čisto sem navdušena: človek bi delal samo to, gledal, primerjal slike, študiral, pa kaj, ko je še tol...
Devin, Sesljan, Gradež
Hvala in veliko užitkov ob morju. ...
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Druga etapa PP-Gamsove riže
V žlebu spodaj še nikoli nisem šel po levi in...
Bukovec 1506m 5oC
Mountain is situated between Kozji vrh, Stegovnik and Virniški Grintovec. Peak partly looks just out from the woods, so that we can see nice view towards to Storžič. On the other sides, there is forest. Top is overgrow with grass and spacious....
Starting points:
Športna panoga: PLANINSTVO Kraj: LjubljanaOpis: Porezen - Ermanovec - Sivka Kdaj 2. 9. 2014 Traja do 4. 9. 2014 (3 dni) Društvo Planinsko društvo Železn...
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Športna panoga: PLANINSTVO Kraj: Kranj - CreinaOpis: Planinsko društv...
Today will be partly clear at first, but the morning clouds will increase and some peaks will be wrapped in fog. The afternoon will have already occurred, some showers and thunderstorms each. To moderate blowing south to southeast wind. Temperature at 1500 m, about 11, at 2500 m and about 5 degrees C. .
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