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Vitovlje - Kopitnik (via Sekulak)

Starting point: Vitovlje (400 m)
Lat/Lon: 45,9411°N 13,7613°E
Destination: Kopitnik (929 m)
Name of path: via Sekulak
Time of walking: 2 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Altitude difference: 529 m
Altitude difference po putu: 600 m
Map: Goriška 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer): helmet
Recommended equipment (winter): helmet, ice axe, crampons
Views: 11.301
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Number of comments: 1
Access to the starting point:
From the expressway Vipava - Nova Gorica take the exit Selo and follow the road towards the villages Črniče and Šempas. When you reach the village Vitovlje, pay attention, because in the middle of the village you will leave the main road and continue driving in the direction of the farm Maloščevo (the exit is marked). Continue through the village on a narrow and steep road, which leads you higher up to a signboard saying "Vitovska Circular Route". Continue left past the last houses on the increasingly steep road, which turns into a macadam road only slightly higher up and then park alongside it (the most suitable parking place is between the fourth and fifth stations of the Way of the Cross).
Path description:
From the starting point, called Križišče, we continue along the deteriorating macadam road, which after a few minutes of walking leads us to a well-marked crossroads, where the marked path to Trpinovišče, the memorial plaque and Vodice branches off to the left. Continue on the right path, which leads past the stations of the cross to the next well-marked crossroads near the top of Vitovski hrib. Continue right again and follow the deteriorating road, which here finally turns into cart track, to the viewpoint on which the church stands.
From the top, descend back to the crossroads, then continue the ascent towards Čavna and Sekulak along the old Napoleon route. Soon we reach the next crossroads, where the path to Skozno branches off to the left, and we continue to the right towards Čavno. Continuing on the Napoleon route, we soon reach the steep rocky cliffs of the High Wall. The wide path leads us over an artificially carved lookout ledge (danger of falling rocks), after which the path returns to the forest and leads us to the place where the path to Kopitnik branches off to the left.
Continue slightly right in the direction of Čavna and Sekulak along a slightly narrower path, which initially leads us through some small clearings to a steeper part. The way ahead climbs steeper and leads us only slightly higher to the next crossroads, where we continue to the right in the direction of the viewpoint (Kopitnik on the left). The ascent continues along the gently sloping path, which leads us in 5 minutes of further walking to the Sekulak lookout point, from which we have a view over most of the Vipava valley.
From Sekulak, continue left along the marked path, which continues along the initially very scenic ridge. The path goes higher into the forest and just after that leads to a small levelling, where we continue sharp left in the direction of Kopitnik (right Veliki Rob). The path continues along the gently sloping cart track, which leads us higher to the asphalted road. Follow the road as it descends steeply to the left, which soon leads to a hunting lodge.
Continue along the road in the direction of Kopitnik (left down Vitovlje), and a little further on this road joins another path from Vitovlje (possibility of descent). Only a few steps further on we reach the NOB monument, at which we leave the road and continue left towards the Kopitnik lookout point and airstrip.
zemljovid puta - Kopitnik
On the way: Vitovski hrib (604m), Sekulak (888m), Lovksa koča Trnovski gozd (940m)
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Discussion about the trail Vitovlje - Kopitnik (via Sekulak)
darh11. 02. 2011
V nedeljo smo se po tu opisani poti tudi mi povpeli na Sekulak in Kopitnik. Do Vitovske cerkve smo se namesto po tu omenjeni cesti in kolovozu raje povzpeli po pešpoti z leve strani Vitovskega hriba. V dolino smo se spustili po poti mimo lovske koče, v zadnjem delu pa smo naredili še ovinek mimo očarljivega Vitovskega jezera. Podrobnejši opis celotne poti si lahko preberete tule.
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