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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Grušnica / Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica (via planina na Kalu)

Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica (via planina na Kalu)

Starting point: Tolminske Ravne (924 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,2294°N 13,7715°E
Destination: Grušnica (1570 m)
Name of path: via planina na Kalu
Time of walking: 1 h 45 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 646 m
Altitude difference po putu: 646 m
Map: Julijske Alpe - zahodni del 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Number of pictures: 37
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Access to the starting point:
Take the Tolmin, then continue in the direction of Žabč and Zadlaz (the turn-off from the main road is on the left bank of the Tolminka River). When you arrive in Žabče, at a small crossroads, turn slightly right towards Zadlaz. At Zadlaz-Žabče the road descends a little, where it crosses the Zadlaščica River via a bridge, and then starts climbing steeply again on a narrow, but constantly asphalted road. After about 12 km from the main road, you reach a marked parking area in Tolminske Ravne, where you park.
Path description:
From the parking lot, go back a few steps to the red mountain direction signs, which you follow in the direction of Koča na planini Razor and mountain pasture Kal. The way forward leads us first over a pasture fence, then on to cart track, which continues across a meadow, from which we have a fine view of Tolmin Migovec. Cart track soon turns right and leads to a stone enclosure where it splits into two parts.
Continue along the upper left cart track in the direction of mountain pasture on Kal (slightly right Koča na planini Razor), which continues to climb gently. A little higher, at an older water tower, continue right, then cross a torrent. Soon you will reach the next crossroads, where continue left in the direction mountain pasture on Kal and Tolminski Migovec. The old mulatier continues for some time along or slightly to the right of the nearby torrent, and then at a small man's house, the path branches off from the mulatier slightly to the left, which continues along the torrent and leads further towards the saddle between the Javor peak on the left and Grušnica on the right, while we continue to follow the mulatier.
Higher up, we reach the next marked crossroads, where another path branches off to the right towards mountain pasture Razor, and we continue to the left and continue for a short time on a slight incline. A minute or two further on, we leave the gently sloping path and continue slightly to the right in the direction of mountain pasture on Kal (we arrive directly at the aforementioned saddle, from which we can continue to Javor or to the village Čadrg, with another branch towards mountain pasture on Kal in between). After a short, slightly steeper climb, we return to the mulatier, where we also join the route from Čadrgo.
Continue to the right and follow the mulatier up to mountain pasture on Kal, where a few old bytes stand to the right of a small saddle.
From the saddle, from where we have a nice view towards the valley Tolmin, Vrh nad Peski, and also a nice view of the peaks above Tolminske Ravne, which we have seen from time to time during the climb, we continue slightly left of the ridge Grušnica, along a well-traced path. Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica, Grušnica. After a short traverse, we reach the east ridge of Grušnica, from where we have a nice view to the south. Here the trail turns slightly to the right, and within a few minutes of increasingly scenic walking, we reach an overlooking peak, from which we have a fine view of the surrounding mountains. Description and figures refer to the situation in 2016 (April).
zemljovid puta - Grušnica
On the way: Planina na Kalu (1490m)
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Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica1
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica2
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica3
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Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica25
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica26
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Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica28
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica29
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica30
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Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica33
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica34
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica35
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica36
Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica37
Discussion about the trail Tolminske Ravne - Grušnica (via planina na Kalu)
ljubitelj gora26. 04. 2016
Lep izlet, v aprilu šel po grebenu Kobilnik, Ruta, Grušnica in na koncu še na vrh Javor. Izhodišče v vasi Laz, kjer je na desni tudi smerokoz za Kobilnik.
soraya200227. 05. 2020
V nedeljo s Tolminskih Raven do planine na Kalu, na Grušnico, do planine Razor in nazaj do Tolminskih Raven......čudovita nedeljska turica za dušo.nasmeh
darinka411. 02. 2022 17:57:40
Nisem si predstavljala, da je ta vrh , ki niti ni visok tako razgleden. Še posebno če greš v lepem sončnem vremenu . Četudi v zimi.
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