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Predmeja (tunnels) - Veliki Modrasovec

Starting point: Predmeja (tunnels) (800 m)
Lat/Lon: 45,9377°N 13,8692°E
Time of walking: 1 h 50 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Altitude difference: 553 m
Altitude difference po putu: 585 m
Map: Goriška 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
From the expressway Razdrto - Nova Gorica take the exit Ajdovščina and follow the road towards the village Lokavec (Lokavac can be reached from the centre of Ajdovščina, or from the old road Ajdovščina - Nova Gorica, where turn right at Cesta). From Lokavac, continue along the ascending winding road in the direction of Predmeja. Follow the road to the mountain signposts for Čaven, Veliki rob and Kucelj (the signposts are located between the quarry and the tunnels, the road marking is approx. 10 km). Park a few 10 m down the road in the parking lot.
The starting point can also be reached from Godovič, via Črni vrh and Colo to Predmeja. In this case, descend from Predmeja towards Ajdovščina and then park shortly after the third tunnel.
Path description:
From the parking lot, first walk to the route signs and then follow the Srednječavensko trail. The trail, which goes immediately into the forest, first climbs moderately and then continues crossing the slopes to the south. A wide and well-surfaced mountain path, it soon switches to steep slopes (danger of falling rocks) and gradually turns more and more to the right. A little further on, the path offers beautiful views of the Nanos and Vipava valleys, and the path gradually turns into a rockier world. A little further on, the path again enters a dense forest, where it begins to descend gently. After a short, gentle descent, you reach a marked crossroads, where you continue steeply uphill to the right towards Čavno (Lokavec down on the left, and the Srednječavenska trail continues straight ahead).
The ascent continues along the "lokavška" trail, which climbs quite steeply. After a while, the path, which most of the time ran through the forest, crosses some viewing slopes again. A little further on the path leads us to a ridge where we have two options for continuing. The left one runs just below the ridge and is less scenic than the one along the ridge, but is more forgiving in the event of a strong storm. After 10 minutes, the two paths merge and lead to the uncultivated grassy slopes to the east of Mala Gora.
Here the steepness eases and the trail continues through beautiful meadows where, in spring and summer, many mountain flowers can be seen. Higher up, the path from Stomaž joins us from the left, and we continue straight along the path, which leads us within a few minutes of further walking to Hut na Čavnu.
Behind the hut, the signs for Modrasovec and Golake direct us to the right to a meadow, across which we climb crosswise into the forest. Once in the woods, quickly cross the undistinguished ridge of Maly Modrasovec (here an unmarked trail branches off to the right to Mali Modrasovec for 5 minutes), and we continue straight ahead along cart track, which descends slightly and turns slightly to the right. Just a little further on, we come to a marked crossroads where we continue straight on in the direction of Modrasovec (slightly to the right Golaki). We continue our ascent along a wider, but rather overgrown path which gradually changes to the right side of the ridge. From the wide path, or worse cart track, a marked footpath soon branches off to the left, and within a few minutes of further walking you will reach the top of Veliki Modrasovac.
zemljovid puta - Veliki Modrasovec
On the way: Koča Antona Bavčerja na Čavnu mountain hut (1242m)
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Discussion about the trail Predmeja (tunnels) - Veliki Modrasovec
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