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Podgora - Vrhovski grič (via Slajka)

Starting point: Podgora (425 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,10218°N 14,11105°E
Name of path: via Slajka
Time of walking: 2 h 40 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way, easy marked way
Altitude difference: 533 m
Altitude difference po putu: 605 m
Map: Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): crampons, ice axe
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Access to the starting point:
a) From Železniki, Kranj or Medvode, drive to Škofja Loka, from where you continue to Gorenjska vas and Žire. After Hotavlje, you will arrive in Podgora, where a road branches off to the right in front of the bus station, leading towards a part of the settlement. The route starts at the bus stop, where there are no parking facilities.

b) From Horjul or Polhovy Gradec, go to Lučine and from there descend to Gorenjska vas. In Gorenjska vas, turn left towards Žire. After Hotavlje, you will reach Podgora, where a road forks off to the right in front of the bus station, leading towards a part of the village. At the bus stop, where there are no parking facilities, the route described above begins.

c) From Vrhnika, Logatec or Spodnja Idrija drive to Žiri, from there continue to Gorenjska vas and Škofja Loka, and follow the main road only as far as the settlement of Podgora, where the route described above starts at the junction behind the bus station. There are no parking spaces at the starting point.

d) First we drive to Cerkno, and from there we continue our drive over the Kladje (Podlanišče) pass towards Sovodnje. From Sovodnje, continue along the Hobovščica stream, then at a slightly larger crossroads turn left towards Gorenje vas (right Žiri). Follow the main road towards Škofja Loka to Podgora, where the route described above begins at the crossroads behind the bus station. There are no parking spaces at the starting point.
Path description:
From the crossroads by the bus stop, take the side road that branches off the main road to the south-west, turn right in front of the chapel and climb up past a few more houses. At a small junction a little higher up, go right and then past the last houses where the tarmac ends. The way forward is along a dirt road that crosses the slopes to the right, and at two forks in the road go slightly right and then cross a stream. After the stream, the road becomes a wider cart track road, which starts to climb steeply. The higher cart track, which gradually narrows, makes some serpentines and then merges with the path from Hotavlje, which leads along the ridges of Bela.

Continue left along the wider path, which soon widens into cart track, which turns slightly left and leads us out of the forest at the hunting observation post. Here, cross the meadow at the bottom edge of cart track, and when you reach a dirt road, follow it to the right. The road soon begins to descend and within a few minutes leads to a crossroads where you reach an asphalt road. Follow the asphalt road up to a nearby crossroads from which you continue to the right in the direction of Slajka.

Follow the asphalt road, and when you leave the forest, the marked path from Hotavlje joins from the right.

The asphalt road then leads us past a bench, where the path to Vrh Slajke branches off to the right, and we follow the road, which turns semicircularly to the left, to a nearby farm, from which we are only a minute's walk from Dom na Slajki.

From home we return to the nearby farm, where we pass the main buildings on the upper side and continue along the dirt road, which turns into cart track in the nearby meadow. Then you walk through lane of a forest and arrive at the grassy slopes of Špik or Vranškovi Hill (both names appear on the maps), which you cross while enjoying the beautiful views. When you reach a dirt road, follow it downhill (private land on the right), and when the road has been laid, join the wider dirt road, which you reach above the Hom farm.

Continue in the direction of Ermanovec and then walk along the dirt road for some time, which later becomes asphalt. There is some downhill with good views, then from a small crossroads continue slightly right (slightly left to reach St Paul's Church in Stara Oselica), and from the next crossroads go slightly left (slightly right to reach Rotovž Farm).
An easy climb follows and the path leads to a place where the marked path splits.

Continue on the left path leaving the road (right Dom na Ermanovcu, the path bypassing the summit of Ermanovec) and follow cart track. At first walk along the edge of the hay meadow, the path slowly turns slightly to the left. At the crossroads, follow the waymarks and the path soon passes into the woods and climbs a small pass where there is a waymarked crossroads.
Continue left in the direction of Trebija (slightly to the right Dom na Ermanovcu, to the right Ermanovec) and continue walking along the gently sloping cart track, which soon leads us out of the woods to the top slope of Vršnik Hill. Here you leave the marked path, which bypasses the summit slightly to the right, and walk to an undistinguished summit. At the northernmost part of the summit there are several antennas.

Podgora - Dom na Slajki 1:25, Dom na Slajki - Vrhovski grič 1:15.

Description and images refer to the situation in January and December 2020.
zemljovid puta - Vrhovski grič
On the way: Dom na Slajki (789m)
We can extend the trip to the following destinations: Štor
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