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Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)

Starting point: Podblica (675 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,2567°N 14,2067°E
Time of walking: 1 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 458 m
Altitude difference po putu: 475 m
Map: Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
a) Drive to Kranj, then follow the signs for Besnica (the turn-off from the old Ljubljana - Kranj road is before the bridge over the Sava River, or after the bridge if you are coming from Kranja). Continue through Spodnja, Zgornja Besnica and Njivica. A little further on, you arrive in Nemilje, and after this settlement the road starts to climb more steeply. When you reach Podblica, follow the main road, and when you reach the ecological island on the right, you will see the beginning of the route described above. Do not park at the ecological island, as this will block the locals' access to the rubbish containers. Park in a suitable place on the roadside lower or higher up the road.
b) From Železniki, drive to Dražgoše, then continue to Kropa, crossing the slopes of Jelovica, then arriving at a junction where the road to Kranj turns sharp right (the turn-off for Kranj is only from the opposite direction). Here, continue sharp right (if the turn is too sharp, there is a turning point about 50 metres further on), then descend to Podblica, where you will see an ecological island on the left before the centre of the village, where the route described above begins. Do not park at the ecological island, as this will block the locals' access to the rubbish containers. Park in a suitable place on the roadside lower or higher up the road.
c) Drive to Kropa, then continue driving to Dražgoše and Železniki. After Jamnik, leave the road towards Dražgoše and drive left towards Kranj. Then descend to Podblica, where the route described above starts at the ecological island. Do not park at the ecological island, as this will block the locals' access to the rubbish containers. Park in a suitable place on the roadside lower or higher up the road.
Path description:
From the crossroads above the eco-island, continue right in the direction of Jamnik and the Metka biscuit bakery. The path initially leads along a narrower asphalt road, which passes a few houses. At the last house, turn right onto cart track, and follow it mainly cross-climbing. At a higher level you reach a newer house, which you pass on the upper side, and then, after the courtyard, continue again on cart track, which leads you past a sign. A little further on you reach the main road Dražgoše - Kropa, which you just cross (Dražgoše on the left, Kropa and Jamnik on the right).
Continue along cart track in the direction of Bela peč, which begins to climb crosswise. Cart track soon turns right, and when it makes a left serpentine, the track continues in a straight direction, leading towards Bela Peć. It then climbs through the forest, and a little higher up it crosses the source of the cart track, which we have recently left (it is also possible to get here by following the cart track). The trail, which is marked with pale yellow markings, becomes quite steep further on, and also climbs up a fairly steep slope, so more caution is needed in the snow and the wet. Higher up, the trail reaches the edge of Jelovica, where it descends from the slope to the plateau. Here the path turns left and a little further on it joins cart track, which is also followed to the left. There is a gentle to occasionally moderate ascent along the path, which mainly passes through dense woodland. A little further on the forest thins out, and the path leads us to the scenic edge of the plateau, from where we have a fine view towards Kamnik Savinja Alps, part of Karawanks, Gorenjska and the surrounding hills. At the lookout point, the path turns slightly to the right and in a few minutes climbs to the lookout Bela peč, from where we have a view of the other side.
Description and pictures refer to the situation in 2017 (December).
zemljovid puta - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)
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Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)3
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Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)13
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)14
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)15
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)16
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)17
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)18
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)19
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)20
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)21
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)22
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)23
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)24
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)25
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)26
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)27
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)28
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)29
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)30
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)31
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)32
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)33
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)34
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)35
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)36
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)37
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)38
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)39
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)40
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)41
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)42
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)43
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)44
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)45
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)46
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)47
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)48
Podblica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)49
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