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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Bogatin / Planina Polog - Bogatin (via Prehodci)

Planina Polog - Bogatin (via Prehodci)

Starting point: Planina Polog (457 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,238°N 13,7232°E
Destination: Bogatin (1977 m)
Name of path: via Prehodci
Time of walking: 5 h 45 min
Difficulty: partly demanding marked way
Altitude difference: 1520 m
Altitude difference po putu: 1570 m
Map: TNP 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer): helmet, ice axe, crampons
Recommended equipment (winter): helmet, ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
First, go to Tolmin, and from there follow the road in the direction of Zatolmin (leave the main road at the traffic lights). In Zatolmin, you will see the mountain signs for Javorca, which will direct you to the ascending road towards Javorca. After about 8 km of driving, the sometimes quite narrow and sometimes precipitous road leads us to a small crossroads where the road to Javorca branches off to the left upwards. We continue straight ahead, following the road for only about 100 m, where we then park at a suitable place next to the ramp.
Path description:
From the starting point, continue along the dirt road (the road is closed to public traffic), which after a few minutes of easy walking leads to the central part of mountain pasture, where there are a few huts. After mountain pasture, the road gets a little worse, but after a few minutes of further walking, it leads to a crossroads where the path to mountain pasture to Prodih branches off to the right (the access to mountain pasture is very interesting, as you have to cross the river Tolmin, which is facilitated by a hand-carried cable car). Continue straight on, and the road eventually turns into cart track and higher up into a well-preserved mulatier. The path then becomes a little steeper and leads past two benches and a fresh rock peak higher up (earthquake in Posočje 1998) to a pasture fence, over which you enter the southern edge of mountain pasture below Osojnica. Just a few metres further on, the path splits into two parts. Continue along the lower right path, which descends gently to the hunting hut at the spring Tolmin.
From the spring Tolmin, continue the ascent over the mountain pasture below Osojnica, and soon join the upper path on the left, which is exposed to an active rocky peak.

Continue in the direction of "Planina Prode in Prehodci" along the path which leads to a mighty torrent. Cross the torrent and on the other side continue to the left in the direction of Prehodci (slightly to the right, the Dobrenjščica mountain). Continue climbing along the well-preserved military causeway, which you can leave a few times, as the marked path runs along "shortcuts". The taller bushes and grass are slowly replaced by rubble, and the path turns more and more to the left. A little higher, we reach the mighty torrential ravine again, but here it already meets the nearby scree, which falls from the nearby Maly and Veliki Kuntar.
Here, an unmarked path branches off to the left across a mighty torrent, leading to mountain pasture Lašča and on to Rdeči rob and Male peske, while we continue to the right along a marked path that gradually turns into a dense forest. The mulatiera then climbs in numerous serpentines and continues through the forest for some time. As the forest thins out, the path turns increasingly to the right, where it leads to steep slopes and views. A small, wide artificial ledge helps us to cross, but it comes in handy when there is still snow on the ledge (the crossing is quite easy on land). The path continues to climb moderately once more and leads us in a few minutes to a marked crossroads at Prehodcih. At the crossroads, continue to the right after the markings "Dom na Komni" and "Hut at mountain pasture Razor". The trail then turns slightly to the right and mostly follows dwarf pines. The relatively gentle path, from which we have beautiful views towards Bogatin and Mahavščko, then leads us to a well-marked crossroads. Here we continue to the left, following the signs Dom na Komni, and to the right the path leads to the Cottage on mountain pasture Razor. The path then descends gently and leads to the Za Lepočami valley, where you will see a number of buildings built by the Italians between the two wars to serve the needs of the belaying Rapallo border.
From the crossroads, the path climbs a little steeper at first, then becomes flatter and leads along the increasingly rare dwarf pines. Soon we have a view towards Lanževica followed by a climb along a wide military causeway to Bogatinsko sedlo (Vratca).
At the saddle, continue right (straight down Komna, left Lanževica) along the path, which leads us in a few minutes to the initially indistinct ridge Bogatin. The way forward begins to climb steeply on the very steep and crumbly north-west ridge Bogatin (danger of slipping and falling rocks). Higher up, the ridge narrows a little more, and the path lays down and leads us in a few 10 steps to the top of (Little) Bogatina.
Planina Polog - spring Tolmin 1:00, spring Tolmin - planina na Zgornje Prodih 0:30, planina na Zgornje Prodih - Prehodci 2:20, Prehodci - Za Lepočami 0:30, Za Lepočami - Bogatinsko sedlo 0:55, Bogatinsko sedlo - Bogatin 0:30.
zemljovid puta - Bogatin
On the way: The Tolminka spring (695m), Planina na Zgornjih Prodih (850m), Prehodci (1639m), Za Lepočami (1608m), Bogatinsko sedlo (1803m)
We can extend the trip to the following destinations: Mahavšček ( 30 min)
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Discussion about the trail Planina Polog - Bogatin (via Prehodci)
darinka49. 06. 2020
Kako izgleda del poti s Pologa tam pod Kunterji?
merkurhg9. 06. 2020
Pot lepo vzdrževana in označena .
ljubitelj gora9. 06. 2020
Najbrž misliš it do pl.Lašca. Lahko pa direkt po lovski mal naprej od pl.Polog. Tam že hodil gor in dol. Je pa prekrasen razgled iz pl.Lašce. Do Rdečega roba in po drugi južni strani nazaj v pl.Polog.
darinka49. 06. 2020
Matej, podobno kot smo šli takrat do kavern pod Šmohorjem. Le da tokrat s Pologa levo pod Kuntarjem do Vrh nad Peski. Enkrat se bo vendarle dalo iti do Peskov. Je pa tale daljša . Enih 23 km. Mi je nepoznana.
darinka413. 06. 2020
Včeraj sva prehodila kar dolgo turo. Iz planine Polog mimo planine Lašča do spomenika pod Vrh nad Peski. Sestopila sva čez sedlo Prehodci na izhodišče.. Tisti del , kjer je bil podor na Laščo je saniran. In dali so novo tablo za Lašco.
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