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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Klek / Planina pod Golico - Klek (via Rožca)

Planina pod Golico - Klek (via Rožca)

Starting point: Planina pod Golico (980 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,4624°N 14,0488°E
Destination: Klek (1753 m)
Name of path: via Rožca
Time of walking: 2 h 20 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 773 m
Altitude difference po putu: 800 m
Map: Karavanke - osrednji del 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Number of pictures: 43
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Access to the starting point:
From the motorway Ljubljana - Jesenice take the exit Lipce (also Hrušica) and follow the road in the direction of Jesenice, where the signs for Planina pod Golico direct us to the ascending road (the exit is marked and is located at the health centre in Jesenice). The relatively steep road soon leads us to the above-mentioned village, where in May, in the surrounding meadows, you can admire the bloming of daffodils. Park in one of the car parks at the foot of the Španov vrh ski centre.
Path description:
From the parking lot, continue along the asphalted road, which after a few minutes' walk leads to a marked crossroads, where you continue left down towards Rožce (straight Kahlkogel, right Španov vrh). Continue along the road, which leads past the Church of the Holy Cross to an unmarked crossroads (at the cross), where you continue right. The way forward leads past a few houses, and then soon you will see direction signs directing you left on the footpath.
The path continues up the rather muddy cart track, then passes into a dense forest, where it continues along and along cart track. The path, which is less visible in places and which passes through the forest all the time, leads us higher up to a forest road, which we only cross. The ascent continues along the wide cart track, which initially climbs along a clearing before returning to the forest.
The track, which is getting worse, then quickly leads to a small, usually marshy clearing, where it ends.
Here we will notice a rather faded marking to the right, which will direct us to a briefly poorly visible and slightly steeper footpath. Soon, however, the path leads to a broad ridge where it widens. The ascent continues along the ridge, which is surrounded by a grazing fence. Along the grazing fence, we climb only a few 10 steps, and then the markings direct us down to the left.
There follows a folded cross-descent along a path that passes through an initially compacted spruce forest. The path then lays down, crosses two successive streams and leads us to a lesser forest road (the road from Plavški Rovto). Follow the road, which runs partly through the forest and partly through grassy hay fields (the road has a few marked shortcuts), all the way to Jeseniška planina, which offers a beautiful view.
From mountain pasture continue along a moderately steep grassy slope, across which several small paths lead. Higher up, the paths merge and you can see some faded markings along the way. After about 20 minutes of ascent from Jeseniška planina, the path turns to the left, where it enters a short lane of forest. After crossing the slopes of Klek for a few minutes, the path leaves the forest and crosses a somewhat awkward, but not difficult in the dry, passage over a ravine. From the ravine, to the hunting hut at Rožca, there is only a short walk on a very scenic grassy slope. Leave the marked trail at the hunting lodge and continue the ascent along the less well-trodden path, which leads us in a few 10 steps to the boundary ridge (direction north). Here, continue right to the east (left Rosenkogel) along the boundary line, on a path that gradually begins to climb steeply up the slope surrounded by dwarf pines. Higher up, the path turns slightly left, flattens out and in a few further steps leads to the top of Klek.
Mountain below Kahlkogel - Jeseniška planina 1:30, Jeseniška planina - Rosenbachsattel 30 minutes, Rosenbachsattel - Klek 20 minutes.
zemljovid puta - Klek
On the way: Jeseniška planina (1380m), Rosenbachsattel/Rožca (1587m)
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Planina pod Golico - Klek42
Planina pod Golico - Klek43
Discussion about the trail Planina pod Golico - Klek (via Rožca)
Enka3. 03. 2011
Zelo lepa pot, primerno razgibana.
Majdag22. 06. 2017

... Do Jeseniške planine je potka zelo luštna in dobro označena. Vračala pa sem se po pozabljeni poti in šla mimo - Lovske koče Muzgovca....
Majdag25. 12. 2018
Do Jeseniške planine so stezice pomrznjene, malo zasnežene. Proti Kleku čez Rožco je sneg, so pa dobre sledi. Razgledi enkratni.
Majdag25. 04. 2020

Klek in naprej proti koči pod Golico.. Pot čez planino in čez Rožco do Kleka je kopna. Naprej proti Jekljevem sedlu pa je še kar nekaj snega. Od sedla proti koči pa je luštna pot, gori doli. Koča je bila zaprta. nasmeh

simon1620. 09. 2021 18:56:29
Včeraj sem med drugim bil tudi na Kleku. Pot ki sem jo opravil je Planina pod golico - Golica - Klek - Hruški vrh - Dovška baba - Planina pod golico.
Na vrhu Kleka je tudi skrinjica z vpisno knjigo in žigom. Te informacije nisem videl nikjer v opisu in se mi jo zdi vredno omeniti.
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