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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Žabiški Kuk / Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk (via planina Razor)

Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk (via planina Razor)

Starting point: Planina Kuk (1150 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,2112°N 13,7872°E
Name of path: via planina Razor
Time of walking: 3 h
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 694 m
Altitude difference po putu: 735 m
Map: TNP 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
Between Most na Soči and Tolmin the road to Poljubinj branches off. From Poljubinj continue towards the village of Ljubinj, where after the church turn left towards mountain pasture Razor and Stador. The road leads to a parking area at mountain pasture Stador, where there is a mountain lodge nearby. We drive on to mountain pasture Lom and continue along the road following the signs mountain pasture Razor. At a height of 1150m you reach the mountain pasture Kuk, where there is a parking area. Further driving is forbidden.
Path description:
From the parking lot, continue along the road closed to traffic, which after a few dozen steps leads to the mountain pasture Kuk, where you can buy homemade dairy products (sour milk, cheese, cottage cheese) in the summer.
The road continues to climb steeply and after a while leads to the next ramp. After the ramp, the path goes into the wods and climbs almost insignificantly, and occasionally the path even descends slightly. After an hour's walk, the path leads us to mountain pasture Razor, where the mountain lodge is located.
From the hut, continue in the direction of Vogel along the gently sloping path to the next crossroads, where we turn right again in the direction of Vogel (left Tolmin Kuk). Here the path climbs moderately over a scenic slope and after a short climb leads us into the forest, where it continues for the next few minutes to the next crossroads. Here we continue right towards Vogel, left Globoko and the path soon leads us between dwarf pines, where it climbs amongst increasingly beautiful views. A little higher up, the path passes Cirque on the left and climbs in a moderate traverse up an increasingly steep slope to the saddle between Vogel and Žabický Kuk.
Here continue right (left Vogel) along the ridge, initially gently downhill. The path, which is becoming less visible, then climbs moderately along and along the ridge, which is very precipitous in places, but the path is nowhere seriously exposed. A little higher up, the path passes to the right west side of the ridge and crosses the slopes to the south using the cairns. Just below the summit, the path climbs again a little more and leads us to the top of Žabišký Kuk.
Planina Kuk - mountain pasture Razor 1:00, mountain pasture Razor - Žabiški Kuk 2:00.
zemljovid puta - Žabiški Kuk
On the way: Koča na planini Razor (1315m)
We can extend the trip to the following destinations: Vogel
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Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk1
Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk2
Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk3
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Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk6
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Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk8
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Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk11
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Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk16
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Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk21
Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk22
Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk23
Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk24
Discussion about the trail Planina Kuk - Žabiški Kuk (via planina Razor)
damijanp26. 08. 2018
S Planine Kuk je urejena in označena tudi direktna pot na Žabiški Kuk. Pot se odcepi s poti proti planini Razor; odcep je lepo označen. Nekaj slik je na:

Žabiški Kuk, Vogel
darinka421. 07. 2020
Včeraj smo se odločili za Žabijski Kuk s planine Kuk. Naj povem, da so del ceste obnovili. Zadnjič je bila v dosti slabšem stanju. Vsi štirje prvikrat po tej strmi ampak razgledni poti. Na vrhu smo bili sami. S prekrasnimi razgledi . Nadaljevali na Vogel, saj si hitro do tja. Tam pa dosti obiska. Se spustili na Bohinjsko stran čez sedlo Globoko in na planino Razor ter na izhodišče.
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