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Mountain ranges / High Tauern / Polinik / Parking below Polinikhütte - Polinik

Parking below Polinikhütte - Polinik

Starting point: Parking below Polinikhütte (1350 m)
Destination: Polinik (2784 m)
Time of walking: 5 h
Difficulty: difficult marked way
Altitude difference: 1434 m
Altitude difference po putu: 1434 m
Map: Kompass 49
Recommended equipment (summer): helmet
Recommended equipment (winter): helmet, ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
Follow the motorway through the Karavanke Tunnel past Belzec to the turn-off to Lienz, where you turn right after Lendorf towards Obervellach. Here, turn right at the petrol station, left into the centre after a few metres by the swimming baths and left again at the end of the short main street into the underpass (670 m). Follow the many signs for Polinikhutte: over a narrow iron bridge, through an alley, past the 5 km/h speed limit and into the forest. The tarmac soon runs out and the steep dirt road ends after a few kilometres at a small parking area by a ramp (about 1350 m). The postal bus from Obervellach also comes here. One bend earlier, there is a turn-off to the Wunzenalm, where there used to be a cargo cableway to the hut. The cable car no longer exists, but the track remains.
Path description:
After the ramp, walk along the road for a while (it is number 328 on the map, but there are no numbers on the ground), then follow the signs into the forest. The path, carpeted with larch and spruce needles, crosses the road a few times and leads to the Stampferalm, where the romantic Polinik hut is situated at a viewpoint at 1873 m.
From the hut, follow the signs (on the map this is route 326) through the wods for a while, then onto the wide slopes covered with rhododendron and blueberries. After an hour, just before the ruins of the hut, a path branches off to Ebeneck 2131 m, which is still half an hour away (route 329). Continue on a gentle ascent, crossing the slopes. All the time, the elegant pyramid of Gamskarspitze 2580 m is in front of us. We cross a couple of ridges descending from the Moernigkoepfe ridge on the right, in which there are about 10 stepped peaks with no summits; the lowest is Ebeneck and the highest reaches 2656 m. The well-marked trail winds along the junction of the slope and the scree.
Access to the summit ridge is secured by a few short lose rocks. There are also a few places on the wide but short summit ridge overloking the cross. Just below the summit, the path from Flattach (325) joins the Raggaschlucht, passing through the Raggahutte, over the mountain pasture Raggaalm and Polinikalm.
From the summit it takes 5 hours to reach Flattach by this route. Shortly below the summit, route 325 splits, one leg going to Kreuzeck and the Feldner hut (11 hours from the Polinik hut), the other becomes route 336 and goes to the parking lot at the Alpenheim Hotel above Napplach. With a secure wire, climb over the last block, about 2 m high, to a cross with a registration book and a pad for stamps (the stamp is in the hut).
zemljovid puta - Polinik
On the way: Polinikhutte (1873m)
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Discussion about the trail Parking below Polinikhütte - Polinik
borlepadrino18. 12. 2016
Polinik je visok nekaj čez 2300 m.iz parkirišča sem potreboval 2 uri in pol do vrha pa še uro 40 min za spust.s korakom nisem pretiraval.nisem opazil nobenih vem kje ste hodili 5 ur...res da se v bližini dobi super pivo ampak 5 ur je res pretirano
Misantrof18. 12. 2016
Polinik, ki ga vi omenjate je v Karnijskih alpah.
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