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Mountain ranges / Kamnik Savinja Alps / Krofička / Na Razpotju - Krofička

Na Razpotju - Krofička

Starting point: Na Razpotju (770 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,392°N 14,6273°E
Destination: Krofička (2083 m)
Time of walking: 9 h
Difficulty: very difficult pathless terrain
Altitude difference: 1313 m
Altitude difference po putu: 1313 m
Map: Grintovci 1:25.000
Recommended equipment (summer): helmet
Recommended equipment (winter):
Author: medo*
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Access to the starting point:
We drive to Luce (to get here from Mozirje or via Kranjski rak) and on to the Logar valley. Shortly after the village Solčava, you will come to a crossroads where the road to Logarska dolina turns left. Turn left towards the Logar valley (toll) and follow the road to the signs for the hut at Klemenča jama. Park in the parking lot near the Na Razpotju guesthouse. Only guests are allowed to park in front of the guest house.
Path description:
From the parking lot, follow the forest road towards Klemenče jame. After a few minutes' walk, a wide path branches off to the left towards Klemenča Jama. Take this path, which starts to climb. The path, which is quite steep, soon leads to steep slopes, where you cross a slightly exposed ravine with the help of a rope. The path that continues to climb soon leads us to a place where the wall closes the path. Ahead of us we see a beautifully made tunnel, where we have the help of steel cables. On the other side, we cross an exposed ledge on a wide path with a slight incline. The path continues into the forest and climbs steep slopes which are dangerous to slip on when wet. Next, cross another ravine over a small bridge, and then the path leads us to a less steep part of the path, where we join the path from the Planincev home. Continue gently up the wide path, which soon leads us out of the forest. There is only a short climb up the grassy slope to the hut at Klemenči jama.
From the hut, continue straight in the route Ojstrica along the path, which after a few dozen metres goes into the forest. The path, which climbs moderately to steeply through the forest, leads us higher under rocky cliffs, which are not to crumbly. The path then retreats to the right and leads to a crossroads, where we continue left in the direction of Ojstrica along the Kopinškovi path (right Škarje). Further on, we pass out of the forest onto the slopes covered with dwarf pines and individual larch trees, from which we have a beautiful view towards the northern wall of Ojstrica. Next, pay attention, because soon to the left, from the marked path to Ojstrica, an unmarked hunting trail branches off to Krofičko. When you see cairn (about 10 minutes before the Kopinškova trail crosses to the other side of the ridge), turn left onto a faintly visible path which leads you over a partly rocky and partly grassy slope surrounded by dwarf pines and individual trees to the foot of the north-western cliffs of Krofička. Continue up a wide, brushy gully, from which a sheltered and exposed passage soon opens up by a memorial to the right. There is a short, very steep climb, which is overcome with the help of a rope, and the path leads to an initially narrow and exposed ridge. Grebenc, which is slightly overgrown with dwarf pines, then quickly widens and, with the help of some fixed safety gear, leads to chimney. With the help of a rope ladder, we climb the almost vertical and exposed chimney, which is about 10 m high. The steepness then eases and the path leads us to sunny meadows (the slope is called the Last Meadow), where the path gradually disappears. The ascent continues transversely in a north to north-easterly direction on a gradually steeper and steeper slope. Lok for transitions diagonally upwards, following the gams or tracks of our predecessors. If the world becomes more difficult to traverse, move more to the right. The summit is reached by following a gully to the right - i. e. south-east - of the main summit, which is only a few metres away. We start our descent by descending a few metres along the same path we came up. The difficult descent is along the top of the ridge, then stick to the right slopes and follow the steep terrain along the ridge, loking for passages between the grasses and the dwarf pines to the next notch below the top of the Krofička. Here the ridge flattens out and is heavily vegetated with dwarf pines. On the left slope of the ridge you can lok for passages between the dwarf pines, which you will not be able to avoid completely, or descend a few tens of metres lower so as to avoid the dwarf pines. This will take us to the next peak in the ridge, Travnik, 2029 m.
Continue down the ridge top, loking for passages along the scree and between the dwarf pines. (There is also a path cut into the dwarf pines, which was probably made by hunters, across the slopes to the left a few tens of metres lower down the ridge. ) Crossing a slightly steeper world, we reach a small saddle. To continue, descend a grassy gully to the right, Roban's side. When the world opens up, keep left and cross the grassy slope below the back wall of the Travnik ridge, skirting it until you are back on the saddle of the main ridge, 1929 m. This is wide and grassy. Going straight ahead for a few tens of metres, you will reach a nice viewpoint towards the Logar valley.
Grebenc Ut is very challenging as it gets narrower and narrower and very exposed on both sides, there is no fixed safety gear. The Dwarf pines disappears and the climbing has to rely only on a firm step on bare rock, so should only be undertaken by the very well trained. Follow the same route back to the saddle.
At the saddle, descend the traverse slope to Roban's side without much difficulty. The world gradually turns to the left into an interesting cirque below the overhanging Ut wall, once home to Roban's shepherd. Now (September 2009) his humble hut is being restored. Cirque is incredibly picturesque, one of the most interesting corners of the Savinja Alps. From the hut, a clearly visible path leads gently upwards towards steep, larch-covered slopes. Then descend and cross the steep slopes above Robanov Kot. The most challenging part is the crossing above the narrow staircase, where the path is now protected by an emergency rope. The climb up the Vratný žleb (Vratné žleb) is followed by a view of Strelovec from the top of the notch. The difficulties are over here, the well-trodden path leads us to Movznik, where we soon join the marked trail. Turn left here, cross the slopes of Ut to Puklovec and descend to Klemenča Cave and the Logar Valley.
zemljovid puta - Krofička
On the way: Koča na Klemenči jami (1208m)
We can extend the trip to the following destinations: Matkov kot
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Na Razpotju - Krofička190
Na Razpotju - Krofička191
Discussion about the trail Na Razpotju - Krofička
medo*11. 10. 2009
Pot prehodil 29.9.2009. Od Škrbine do Movznika je zelo zahtevno brezpotje, kjer se steza večkrat izgubi. Nekatere zajle od vstopa v Škrbini so poškodovane. Večkrat je treba poplezati na izpostavljenih mestih. Pot je orientacijsko zahtevna, ponekod zaraščena z ruševjem in hitro se lahko zaide v težavnejši svet. Pot je opisana v vodniku Kamniško Savinjske Alpe (Andrej Stritar), str.160. Sam sem sicer poleg opisanega preplezal še greben Ut, katerega naj se lotijo samo dobro izurjeni, sicer ga je bolje izpustiti in takoj za koncem grebena Travnika zaviti proti krnici pod previsno steno Ut. Med priporočljivo opremo bi dodal tudi daljnogled.
EUGEN2. 11. 2009
Včeraj šel od Strelovca do bivaka Ute.
Varovanje pride zelo prav , sploh če je spolzko.Čestitke kateri obnavljajo bivak.
Jany2. 11. 2009
Z zanimanjem sem pregledal opis poti in vse fotke, ker sem del te poti (na vrh Krofičke po lovski čez Škrbino) letos že prehodil in vsekakor znam sedaj prav ceniti opisan "podvig". ČESTITKE!

Ocenjujem, da je opisano brezpotje iz vrha do Ut zame prezahtevno, ker sem se že v prvem delu nekajkrat "zahodil" in uspel šele v drugem poskusu.
Še več takih opisov si želim, ker me brezpotja vedno bolj privlačijo.

Vsekakor še enkrat vse čestitke za podvig - "medo*"
medo*2. 11. 2009
Tudi meni ni uspelo v prvo. Temu "podvigu" sam pravim, da mi je Krofička dopustila v svoje naročje in mi razkrila del svoje skrivnosti...
Vem tudi, da nekateri niso navdušeni nad tako podrobnim opisom brezpotij... vendar se ne bojim, da bi zaradi tega ratala "gneča", ki bi kalila gorski mir samotnih poti. Če pa slike komu kej pomagajo, je namen dosežen.
geppo3. 11. 2009
Smatram, da kljub opisu gneče ne bo! Tisti redki obiskovalci, ki pa tam hodijo pa ohranjajo sledi poti, ki je vidna le iskušenim. Že pogled na oster in dolgi greben odvrne marsikoga!
Behemot3. 07. 2011
26.06.2011 sva z ženo opravila kompletno turo, razen vzpona na vrh Ut. Veličastna tura, ki terja kot sem pričakoval kar nekaj smisla za orientacijo. Na tem mestu moram pohvaliti izjemno dober opis poti(Stritarjev opis v 111 izletih se lahko skrije), ki se nahaja na vašem portalu in seveda fotografije, kjer so med drugim natančno poslikane vse ključne orientacijske točke na poti. Na začetku izstopnega kamina sva na odtrgani jeklenici dodala svojo rdečo "šlingo-trak", ker je obstoječa že v tako slabem stanju.
ljubitelj gora16. 08. 2013
Zakaj se tej krožni poti reče brezpotje, če pa je na slikah vidna steza.
Če ima kdo namen it tole, bi se priporočal za skupno turo, več pa na ZS. LP
jasminka16. 08. 2013
Pozdrav! Mi smo bili u lipnju 2012., po "lovski" poti na vrh Kroficke ( treba dobro paziti kod skretanja sa puta na Ojstricu!!!!), tamo je bilo par sajli (vidi se u kakvom stanju!!), ali dalje nema oznacenog puta do vrha! Od vrha dalje smo isli po grebenu i sami trazili najbolji put ( imali smo opis i slike sa Hribi.),nismo se popeli na vrh Ut! Spust prema Robanovoj kucici jako strm!
Znaci, stvarno je BREZPOTJE, ali prekrasno za proci, iako i dosta naporno ( nama je trebao cijeli dan od Koce na Klemenci jami po cijeloj Kroficki natrag na kocu!). Nadam se da cete uzivati, sretno!! nasmehnasmeh
Slike ( mozda pomognu) su na
dprapr16. 08. 2013
V zgornjem delu lovske poti na Krofičko je brezpotje, prav tako greben do pastirskega stanu pod Utami! Drugje je res dobro vidna stezica.
nincokl6. 08. 2014
Zanima me če ima kdo kakšne sveže informacije o stanju na tej poti (sneg).Šel bi to soboto.Hvala
ljubitelj gora9. 11. 2015
Včeraj 8.11 iz Robanovega kota na Strelovec, nato na greben Ute - Travnik - Krofička. Z vrha sestopil po markirani do razpotja in nazaj na greben pod Strelovcem. Po počitku, malici še sestop v dolino.
mukica23. 06. 2016
Včeraj iz Doma planincev do koče na Klemeniči jami in po lovski poti na Krofičko kjer si privoščimo malce pavze in uživanja v razgledih.Pot nadaljujemo po grebenu proti Travniku in naprej do Ut ...sem pa tja se sicer lepo uhojena pot izgubi, prične se borba z rušjem, ki pa je tukaj še kako dobrodošlo...Na Ute sestopimo mimo Oltarja ,malce počitka in naprej proti Movzniku ter sestop do koče in v dolino...popolna tura , ki terja zbran korak in nekaj veščin v orentaciji in iskanje ugodnih prehodov.
skokec19. 08. 2019
Včeraj smo opravili to lepo pot.. Pot se zarašča-ruševje najbolj.. Nihče ne obžaga zato bo vsako leto težje. Spustili smo se pa mimo Plesnikove planine do Plesnika. Te poti pa ne priporočam saj je z izjemo nekaj novejših KM zanemarjena.
jprim19. 08. 2019
No, ja, hočeš povedati, da je pot nezdrževana. O tem govorim že nekaj časa. Pa nič ne de, se mi fučka ....
Pravi ena pesemvelik nasmehzmedenmežikanjejezikjezik
biba20. 08. 2019
Jprim, gre za zelo zahtevno brezpotje in ne za markirano pot! Pričakuješ tudi brezpotja očiščena?
jprim20. 08. 2019
@ biba
Naj bodo to različna pričakovanja, morda tvoja, morda moja,...
Koliko bistroumnih glav ....zavijanje z očmi

dprapr20. 08. 2019
Eni bi kar sekali in rezali po brezpotjih, ne glede na lastnino zemljišča.
Pot pod Rkljevo pečjo pa je ena boljših, ravno prav vzdrževana. SVK pač ne pride v poštev!
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