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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Virnikov Grintovec / Murnovo - Virnikov Grintovec

Murnovo - Virnikov Grintovec

Starting point: Murnovo (1100 m)
Time of walking: 1 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Altitude difference: 554 m
Altitude difference po putu: 554 m
Map: Karavanke - osrednji del 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
From the Ljubljana - Jesenice motorway, take the Kranj - East exit and follow the road towards Jezersko. In the hamlet of Bajte, located about 1 km after the Kanonir guesthouse, turn left in the direction of the Krtina Hospital, onto a narrow asphalt road, which you follow to the first crossroads. Here, turn right in the direction of the Spodnji Virnik farm (straight ahead - the lehnjaka quarry and the Krtina Hospital). The road, which continues to climb along the Murnov graben stream, loses its asphalt coating and gradually begins to climb steeper and steeper. Soon you reach the next crossroads, where you continue along the right-hand road (straight ahead to Spodnji Virnik). Follow the ascending road to a larger meadow, where you will see the Murn homestead on the left below the road. Continue for another 10 m and the road leads to a crossroads at which you can see direction signs for Virnikov Grintovec. Here we take a very sharp right and then park a little higher up in a suitable place along the road.
Path description:
From the starting point, descend a few steps and then follow the footpath in the direction of Virnik's Grintovec. The path continues along the edge of the forest, turns slightly higher to the right and passes into a dense forest, where it continues in a cross-climb to the right. After a few minutes of easy walking, the path climbs a little more, and then leads to a marked crossroads, where it joins the marked path from Zgornji Jezerski.
At the crossroads, turn sharp left and continue your ascent along a pleasant forest path, which, higher up, lies completely flat and turns slightly to the right, where it crosses the slopes of Žarkovy peči (1411 m). After a few minutes of easy walking, you emerge from the forest into a larger clearing (saddle Žingerc 1345 m), where the path from the Austrian side joins us from the right.
Continue in the direction of Virnik Grintovec, following the path into the forest, which begins to climb steeply. A rather steep path leads us higher up to the main ridge, where it turns to the left. On the ridge, from which we have beautiful views of the surrounding peaks, the steepness also eases. Follow this sometimes very scenic and in some places dangerous route (in dry conditions there is no greater danger) all the way to the top of Virnik's Grintovec.
zemljovid puta - Virnikov Grintovec
On the way: Žingerc (1345m)
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Discussion about the trail Murnovo - Virnikov Grintovec
Sara23616. 08. 2020
Ta pot ne obstaja več zaradi nove ceste in hiše nad Murnovo domačijo. Nova pot vodi mimo Murnove domačije (ne zavijemo ostro desno, pot nadaljujemo po kolovozu v gozd), kjer po 50 m dosežemo križišče z oznako za Virnikov grintavec. Pot nadaljujemo ostro desno (pod nami je brunarica) po kolovozu. Po 10 m na levi strani opazimo puščico z markacijo, ki vodi po strmi poti v gozd, vendar ji ne sledimo, ker se sredi gozda pot konča v strmini. Pot nadaljujemo po novem kolovozu naprej, nato dosežemo označeno pot na vrh.
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