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Letuš - Vrhe

Starting point: Letuš (337 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,315°N 15,0209°E
Destination: Vrhe (965 m)
Time of walking: 2 h 55 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 628 m
Altitude difference po putu: 780 m
Map: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter):
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Access to the starting point:
From the Ljubljana - Maribor motorway, take the Šentrupert exit and then continue in the direction of Mozirje and Logarska dolina. Follow the main road to Letuš, and turn left just before the main road crosses the Savinja River, and then immediately left again. Park a few 10 m higher in the parking lot under the church or next to the home of the Letuš Singers' Society.
Path description:
From the parking lot we continue along the road, which soon ends, and we continue along the marked cart track, which turns into a forest. We continue through the forest, following the markings carefully so as not to stray from the right path, due to the many forks in the trail. Initially quite a zložna path, then climbs more moderately and leads us to the farm Ujčnik. Here, turn right and then, just after the house, turn left onto the path which climbs along the pasture fence. The path ahead leads us through the forest, which begins to climb slightly steeper. After a few minutes of moderate ascent, the path leads us to an asphalt road where we join the path from Braslov Lake.
We just cross the road and continue our ascent on a ladder, which helps us with the steep ascent, and then continue our ascent through the forest. The path ahead leads us past a bench, after which we are soon back on the road. Follow the road to the left, and we walk along it for a few metres, then continue right on the footpath, which soon crosses the road again. The way forward takes us through a short, partly overgrown clearing, which opens up a view of Bezovec. Continue along the road for a few minutes, then follow the marked shortcut up to Covnik's Cross.
Here continue right (straight ahead Bezovec for 15 minutes) and again right at a small crossroads. Continue along the scenic asphalt road, which will take you downhill for a few minutes to reach the Dobrovlje Home.
Leave the asphalt road at the house and continue along the macadam road in the direction of Črete. The road quickly leads to a small hamlet, where you continue to the right, and then, after the houses, follow the cart track in the direction of Čreta. The well-marked cart track starts descending over an initially still scenic slope and then passes into the lane of the forest, where it also crosses a macadam road. There is a slight climb to the nearby Kokovnik farm, and then a walk to the nearby chapel. At the chapel, the path goes into the woods and then, after a short descent, joins the tarmac road. The road climbs moderately for a while and then joins the road from Nazarje and Mozirje. Continue straight ahead and follow the road up to a marked crossroads. At the crossroads, turn sharp left in the direction of the footpath to Čreto (straight ahead Čreta access by car). Continue along the forest road, which takes you along the edge of the meadow to the next crossroads.
This time continue to the right (St. John and St. Paul and Grmada on the left) and return to the main road past the Križnik farm, only to reach it near the crossroads.
Continue along the right-hand road (straight Žovneško jezero), which you follow for only a few 10 steps, as the signs for Čreto then direct you left to the marked cart track. The way forward is for some time zložno to moderately climbs, and then leads us to the next NOB monument, after which the path gradually begins to descend. After a short descent we reach a small hamlet, which the marked path bypasses on the left, and then, in a moderate ascent over an increasingly scenic slope, we climb up to the Church of St. Mother of God.
From the church, continue left, cross a pasture fence and the path leads into the forest. In the forest the path splits into two parts, we take the right and in a few 10 steps we reach a nondescript summit.
zemljovid puta - Vrhe
On the way: Dom na Dobrovljah (745m), Sveta Mati Božja na Čreti (944m)
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