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Mountain ranges / Kamnik Savinja Alps / Tolsti vrh / Križe - Tolsti vrh (Ovčja pot over Kriška gora)

Križe - Tolsti vrh (Ovčja pot over Kriška gora)

Starting point: Križe (508 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,3394°N 14,2979°E
Destination: Tolsti vrh (1715 m)
Name of path: Ovčja pot over Kriška gora
Time of walking: 3 h 45 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 1207 m
Altitude difference po putu: 1250 m
Map: Karavanke - osrednji del 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): crampons, ice axe
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Access to the starting point:
a) From the motorway Ljubljana - Jesenice take the exit Naklo, then continue in the direction of Žeje, Spodnje and Zgornje Duplje until Retnje, where you turn right towards Križe. Continue past the NOB memorial, the sports ground Križe to the parking area next to the cemetery and the parish church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
b) From the motorway Jesenice - Ljubljana, take the exit Podbrezje and then continue towards Ljubelj and Tržič. Before the Petrol station in Bistrica pri Tržiču, turn right and then drive to Tržič. When the road descends into the valley, take a sharp right in the direction of Pristava and Križ, and continue along the main road leading to Zgornji and Spodnje Duplje, leaving the main road at Retnje, where you turn left in the direction of Križe and Golnik. Continue past the NOB memorial, the sports ground Križe to the parking area next to the cemetery and the parish church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
Path description:
From the parking lot, continue along the road to the east, where the path leads you first past the church, then past the post office, the Benk Inn and the bakery to the crossroads at the chapel, where you continue left in the direction of Pristava. The road then leads us past the Tušek market Markič shop, and then we see the first mountain signs for Gozd, Kriško gora and Storžič, which lead us right onto Planinska cesta. At the crossroads through the village, follow the markings, and then the road loses its asphalt coating and turns into a forest. A few minutes higher up, at a junction of dirt roads, continue to the right, and then gradually emerge from the forest, from where a beautiful view opens up towards Gorenjska. After the viewpoint, the road becomes asphalted and leads to a place where it joins the road leading to Gozd. Follow the road to the left, but walk along it for only a short distance, as the signs lead you to the right to cart track.
Leave the road at a small information board informing you of the opening of the Shelter in Gozd. From cart track continue immediately 2 times to the left, following the forest path, which soon joins another cart track, which will take you back to the asphalt road in a few minutes. Walk along the road for a few steps, then the path from Tržič joins from the left, and the footpath or cart track continues on the right towards the Shelter in Gozd (straight ahead on the Koča na Kriški gori road - a steep path).
Continue along the right-hand path (track), which initially runs parallel to the road and then leads past a water trough. A little further on, leave the track, as the markings lead us to the left on a slightly steeper path, which soon returns to the track, which in turn returns to the asphalt road. Follow the road to the right, and we walk along it for a few minutes, or until we see a large parking lot on the right and the Gozd Shelter next to it.
From the shelter, walk to the nearby church, then come to a marked crossroads where the path from Golnik joins from the right. Continue left up the deteriorating road, which will take you to the crossroads in a few minutes. Here we take the left path (Tolsti vrh, Mala and Velika Poljana and Storžič on the right), which passes the water reservoir and continues along the track. Just a few metres further on, the track leads to the next crossroads. Continue straight ahead along the track towards Kriška gora (forest path), with the usual marked path on the right. Here at the crossroads, a notice board informs us that we will continue along the path, which is exposed to avalanches in winter. The cart track, which climbs through the forest, leads us to grassy slopes after 20 minutes from the crossroads. There is a short climb to a place where the path leads to the scenic side ridge of Kriška Gora. Here we come across an orientation loop. Continue along the right-hand path, which climbs along an undistinguished side ridge, on the southern slope of Kriška Gora. Slightly higher up, the path leads to a place where, in a slight ascent, we cross grassy slopes, after which the path leads us into a short lane of a forest. Just a little further on, we come to a clearing, above which we see the path of a freight cableway
From Koča na Kriški gori continue along the marked trail towards Tolstem vrh. Just a few metres after the hut, the trail turns slightly left (slightly right Gozd) and begins to climb gently over a grassy slope. After three minutes of walking, the path to Grahovše branches off almost imperceptibly to the left, and we continue along the well-trodden mountain path, which continues along the main ridge of Kriška Gora. The path continues along the ridge, retreating to the right side a few times, and the scenic route leads us mostly over grassy slopes. A little further on, the path returns to the ridge, which is reached just at a distinct notch, where the path to Grahovše branches off to the left down a pathless trail.
The path continues over a pasture fence and then passes Vrata (1591 m) on the right. Higher up, the path returns to the ridge and climbs gently for some time. After a few minutes of crossing, you reach a place where the path starts to climb steeply towards the summit of Tolstego vrh. From the summit, we have a beautiful view on all sides, and the path leads us on along a narrower ridge for a short time. There is some downhill through the forest, and then the path starts to climb again. Higher up, the forest thins out, and the increasingly scenic route leads us to Tolsti vrh.
Križe - Zavetišče v Gozdu 1:15, Zavetišče v Gozdu - Koča na Kriški gori 1:30, Koča na Kriški gori - Tolsti vrh 1:00
zemljovid puta - Tolsti vrh
On the way: Zavetišče v Gozdu mountain hut (891m), Koča na Kriški gori mountain hut (1471m)
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Discussion about the trail Križe - Tolsti vrh (Ovčja pot over Kriška gora)
Tomazp6. 07. 2014
Lep izlet, vendar v naslovu popravite tekst v delno označena ( označena ni samo ovčja pot, od križišča nad Gozdom do koče na Kriški gori)
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