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Mountain ranges / Žumberačka gora, Medvednica and Međimurje / Kameniti svati / Jablanovec - Kameniti svati (path number seven)

Jablanovec - Kameniti svati (path number seven)

Starting point: Jablanovec (162 m)
Name of path: path number seven
Time of walking: 1 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Altitude difference: 320 m
Altitude difference po putu: 320 m
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter):
Author: Marx
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Access to the starting point:
Leave the Macelj-Zagreb motorway at the Pojatno-Bistra exit. Continue in the route mentioned above and you will arrive at the old Zagorje highway. You will reach the large West Gate shopping centre. Exit the roundabout in the direction of Bistra. Continue over the motorway and drive to the village of Jablanovec, where you park (I recommend parking in the parking lot next to the point committee building and the Dinamo pub).
Path description:
Wherever we leave the vehicle, we first go to the Church of St John the Baptist, which is reached by markings on the electricity pylons.
From the church, go right up Kameniti svati Street. The path begins to climb and after a few minutes' walk you reach the monument to the poet Auguste Šenou, who wrote a poem about the Kameniti Saints.
From the monument, go left and then right, where you will find signs to help you. The path along the street becomes steeper and steeper, and when the asphalt ends, take a sharp left onto the forest road cart track, which is then laid down and leads to a wider forest road within a few minutes' walk.
The road is then walked for about half an hour, initially quite steeply and then steeply again. Higher up we climb on the western slopes of the Kameniti Svaty. This part of the path is very muddy in places.
The way ahead leads to a crossroads, where you go sharp left. Our route, which has so far led southwards, turns north-eastwards. Shortly after the crossroads, we leave the forest road and follow a narrower path through the forest. We quickly reach a point where the path forks and we follow the marked right path (the left path can also be used to reach the summit) to reach the forest cart track. Here is also a crossroads where we join the path from the village of Ivanec as well as the path from Podsused.
From the crossroads, go up steeply for another minute and you will reach the Kameniti svati mountain hut. It is open on Sundays and public holidays, and it is possible to spend the night in it, but it is only supplied with drinks.
From the hut, go steeply up the roots and you will reach a rocky hill. The first path leads to the top rock, which is in the forest and has no view. After the summit, there is a shorter, slightly more difficult part, which leads down to a lookout point, which offers an exceptional view to the west. A minute further on, there is also a large cross dedicated to the Croatian martyrs.
zemljovid puta - Kameniti svati
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