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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Jehlc (Špičasta kupa) / Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)

Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)

Starting point: Grant (725 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,2073°N 13,879°E
Time of walking: 2 h 45 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Altitude difference: 937 m
Altitude difference po putu: 1000 m
Map: TNP 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
From Podbrdo drive to Tolmin or vice versa, but only as far as the village of Koritnica. At Koritnica you will see a sign for the village Rut, which points to the right (from Tolmin, take a sharp left). Follow the mostly ascending road to the village, where there is also a small crossroads. Continue left towards the village Grant, which is reached after about 1 km of further driving. There are no parking spaces in the village, so park in a suitable place nearby.
Path description:
At the end of the village Grant find the continuation of the marked path, which continues along a worse road or cart track. There are a few forks, where we follow the few signposts, and we quickly climb above the village. Higher up, we leave the nearby pasture and then climb to a wider macadam road, which we cross and continue our ascent through the forest. A fairly steep path, with more frequent signposting later on, crosses another forest road higher up. Above the road, the path turns slightly to the left and then starts to climb quite steeply. The steepness eases a little higher up, and then you join a wider dirt track, which you follow to the left, quickly reaching a marked crossroads, where you continue right in the direction of Rodica (straight ahead Koča na planini Razor and the Geological Trail).
After the crossroads marked Mladinska koča, you start climbing up a well-preserved dirt track, which after a few minutes turns sharp left, then climbs for some time cross-country to the left, first through the forest, then through dwarf pines. During the cross-climb, the path also leads over a few ravines, but the crossings are not difficult as the path is wide throughout. With beautiful views of the Idrija and Cerkljansko hills, we approach the Jehlc peak at the right-hand serpentine, which we can see in front of us the whole time we are crossing it. At this serpentine, the pathless approach to the summit continues straight ahead (the last part before the ridge is difficult), and we continue along the marked path, which continues on the mule track. Two serpentines higher up, an easier approach to the above-mentioned summit branches off to the left.
At the second turn-off there is a cairn, which directs us to a less well-trodden path, which we quickly climb up to the ridge, where we reach Peči, or Peči Ridge (1727 m).
Here, continue left and start descending along and along the ridge. At a small saddle, the access from the "first" serpentine is joined from the left, and from here to the summit we are only a short and folded climb up and along the ridge.
zemljovid puta - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)
On the way: Mladinska koča (1329m)
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Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)1
Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)2
Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)3
Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)4
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Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)23
Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)24
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Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)26
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Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)34
Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)35
Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)36
Grant - Jehlc (Špičasta kupa)37
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