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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Bogatin / Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin (via Bogatinsko sedlo)

Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin (via Bogatinsko sedlo)

Starting point: Dom v Lepeni (700 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,3037°N 13,6814°E
Destination: Bogatin (1977 m)
Name of path: via Bogatinsko sedlo
Time of walking: 4 h 30 min
Difficulty: partly demanding marked way
Altitude difference: 1277 m
Altitude difference po putu: 1320 m
Map: TNP 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer): helmet
Recommended equipment (winter): crampons, ice axe, helmet
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Access to the starting point:
Between Trenta and Bovec, the road to Lepena branches off at the village of Soča. Follow this road, which is completely asphalted, to the parking area of the Dr. Klement Hugo House in Lepena.
Path description:
From the hut of Dr. Klement Hugo in Lepena, continue along the wide marked trail in the direction of Krnsko jezero. The wide and not too steep path splits into two parts after a few minutes of walking. The left one, which is a bit steeper, is normal, while the right one, which is flatter and a bit longer, is suitable for small children and the elderly. Both paths mostly climb through the forest to the top station of the cable car and cross a few times along the way.
From the upper station of the cargo cableway, continue along the same path, which climbs gently along a wide transport road, which quickly leads to the snow height measurement (every year in April). From here on, the road starts to descend and quickly leads past the turnoff for Velika Baba to the next crossroads, where you leave the road and continue left down the footpath, which leads you in a few minutes to Dom pri Krnskih jezerih (if you continue along the road you bypass the mountain lodge). Continue along the road until you reach the Dom pri Krnskih jezerih (if you continue along the road you bypass the mountain lodge).
From the house, continue straight ahead in the direction of Krn and Krnsko jezero along the gently sloping path, which is soon joined by a path that bypasses the mountain lodge. Continue past the shepherd's hut, past which you reach the next crossroads, where you turn left in the direction of Komna (straight ahead Krn and Krnsko jezero). A few 10 steps further on, another path from Krnsko jezero joins us from the right, and we continue along the gently sloping path, which continues along the edge of a pleasant valley. The way ahead takes us past the trail branch to Mali Šmohor (1939 m), which veers off our path to the right, and we continue on a slightly steeper path, which takes us past rare larch trees and through the dwarf pines belt. At the beginning of a levelling called Doliči, a waymarked trail branches off to the right towards Prehodci and further towards the spring of Tolmin. There is some ascent, and then we reach the valley Za Lepočami, where the old military barracks from the time between the two world wars stand or used to stand (today only ruins remain). Here the path from Prehodci or from the spring Tolmin joins us from the right, and we continue in the direction of Komna. The increasingly scenic route, which continues for some time climbing up and along the slopes of Velika Montura (1958 m), continues to lead us along the well-preserved mulatier. A few minutes of moderate ascent follows and the path leads to Bogatinsko sedlo, where the next marked crossroads are located. At the saddle, continue right (straight down Komna, left Lanževica) along the path, which leads us in a few minutes to the initially inexpressive ridge Bogatin. The way forward starts to climb steeply on the very steep and crumbly north-west ridge Bogatin (danger of slipping and falling rocks). Higher up, the ridge narrows a little more, and the path is laid and leads us in a few 10 steps to the top of (Malega) Bogatina (Little) Bogatina.
zemljovid puta - Bogatin
On the way: Dom pri Krnskih jezerih mountain hut (1385m), Bogatinsko sedlo (1803m)
We can extend the trip to the following destinations: Mahavšček ( 30 min)
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Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin12
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin13
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin14
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin15
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Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin22
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Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin43
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Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin45
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin46
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin47
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin48
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin49
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin50
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin51
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin52
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin53
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin54
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin55
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin56
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin57
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin58
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin59
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin60
Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin61
Discussion about the trail Dom v Lepeni - Bogatin (via Bogatinsko sedlo)
darinka420. 01. 2020
Kako pa zgleda od Krnskega jezera do Bogatina v snegu?
darinka420. 01. 2020
Kako pa zgleda od Krnskega jezera do Bogatina v snegu?
mirank20. 01. 2020
Običajno nič posebnega; samo kratek vršni del je malo bolj strm in vedno je težavnost odvisna od razmer.
foxy21. 01. 2020
pred 14 dnevi vršni del snežen in trd ko kamen....kljub zimski opremi sem obrnila po par metrih in šla gor po zahodni strani
darinka42. 06. 2023 07:02:16
No včeraj ni bilo ravno gneče. A dežja na srečo tudi ne. Čeprav je deževalo popoldne vse naokoli. Črni oblaki so vso pot vzpona zaman grozili. Po dolgih letih v teh koncih prav lepo. Namen je bil iti na Mahavšček, a sva se odločila za Bogatin. In se ob sestopu na sedlo proti Mahavščku odločila da nanj ne greva ravno zaradi morebitnega dežja, ki ga potem ni bilo.
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