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Mountain ranges / Škofjeloško, Cerkljansko hribovje and Jelovica / Bela peč (Podbliška gora) / Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora) (via tehnika Meta)

Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora) (via tehnika Meta)

Starting point: Brezovica (440 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,305°N 14,2079°E
Name of path: via tehnika Meta
Time of walking: 3 h 10 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way, easy marked way
Altitude difference: 693 m
Altitude difference po putu: 790 m
Map: Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
a) Leave the Ljubljana - Jesenice motorway at the Naklo exit, but you can also leave at the Podtabor fork, then follow the signs for Podbrezje, Podnart and Kropa. After crossing the railway line in Podnart, turn left and head towards Kropa. When you see the Iskra Mehanizmi d. o. o. factory on the left, you are already close to the starting point. After the company, the road to the village of Brezovica branches off to the left, and we park a little further on in the parking lot on the right side of the road.

b) From the motorway Jesenice - Ljubljana, take the exit Lesce or Radovljica, then continue in the direction of Radovljica and later the villages Lancovo, Lipnica, Kamna Gorica and Kropa, which we do not take. Continue towards Podnart, then park just a little further from the junction in the parking lot on the left hand side of the road, opposite the Iskra Mehanizmi company.

c) Take Železniki and then continue towards Kropa. After Kropa, opposite Iskra Mehanizmi, park in the parking lot on the left-hand side of the road.
Path description:
From where you parked, walk to the crossroads where the road for Kropa and Kamna Gorica splits. At the crossroads, at the 0. 0 km marker, you will see a path climbing through the forest. Follow the track quickly up to cart track, which is followed to the left, and from there, before leaving the forest and entering a larger meadow, continue slightly right on a well-worn track, which initially climbs cross-cuttingly, but when it reaches a small ridge, turns right. Continue climbing moderately through the forest for some time, and higher up, the path leading from the centre of the village of Brezovica joins from the left.

Continue along the ascending path, which passes Kugla (the summit with the converters) on the left, and then descends gently to a marked crossroads, where the unmarked path from Češnjica pri Kropi joins from the left, and the marked path from Kropa joins from the right.

Continue towards Jamnik, following the path along a wooded ridge, and after a short climb reach the undistinguished summit of Berigle. Higher up, the path gradually moves from the ridge to the slope and splits.

To the left, the path to Jamnik branches off, and we go left a few steps further at a marked crossroads, from which we continue along the steep path towards Vodiška mountain pasture. There is a steep climb for a few minutes and then we cross an asphalt road.

On the other side of the road, continue along the marked cart track, soon turning right onto a footpath, which after a few minutes returns to cart track. There is some climbing on cart track, where there are some serpentines, and then cart track narrows into a mountain path. During the further ascent, we have some views towards Jamnik, but after a small sign the path widens into cart track, which leads us to a crossroads where the path from Jamnik joins us from the left.

Follow the signs for Vodice and you will quickly reach a crossroads where the path to the Meta technique branches off to the left.

Here, leave the path towards Vodice mountain pasture and continue slightly to the left on the path, which takes you past the warehouse and leads you to the Partisan Technique Meta in about 5 minutes of further walking.
From the registration box, continue ahead and the path turns left and descends to cart track, cross it and follow the second cart track, which ends and the marked path continues to the left. There are a few more forks below where you follow the waymarks, and when you reach the wider cart track, follow it all the way to the road, even though the waymarked path branches off to the left downhill.
When you reach the road, follow it to the right, and after a while it leads to a junction with signs for the Meta technique, and we continue on the road to the left, which descends slightly. Follow the road to the first turning cart track to the left, and cart track, which we follow, forks after a few steps.
Continue right and join the marked path Podblica - Bela peč.
Follow the marked trail, which climbs mostly gently to occasionally moderately, and higher up, at the paragliders' take-off point, opens up a beautiful view that reaches all the way to the Kamniško Savinjske Alps.
The marked trail continues to the right of the lookout point and climbs steeply through the forest and along the edge of the plateau to the nearby summit, from which a fine view opens up.
Starting point - Meta technique 2:00, Meta technique - Bela peč 1:10.
zemljovid puta - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)
On the way: Kugla (626m), Berigla (685m), Partizanska tehnika Meta (1100m)
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Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)1
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)2
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)3
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Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)5
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)6
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Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)21
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)22
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)23
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)24
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)25
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)26
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)27
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)28
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)29
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)30
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)31
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)32
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)33
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)34
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)35
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Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)42
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)43
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)44
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)45
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)46
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Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)50
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)51
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)52
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)53
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)54
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)55
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)56
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)57
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)58
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)59
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)60
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)61
Brezovica - Bela peč (Podbliška gora)62
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