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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Visoka glava (on Matajur) / Avsa - Visoka glava (on Matajur) (old path)

Avsa - Visoka glava (on Matajur) (old path)

Starting point: Avsa (880 m)
Lat/Lon: 46,1985°N 13,5847°E
Name of path: old path
Time of walking: 2 h 35 min
Difficulty: easy marked way, easy pathless terrain
Altitude difference: 660 m
Altitude difference po putu: 685 m
Map: Julijske Alpe - zahodni del 1:50.000
Recommended equipment (summer):
Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Access to the starting point:
a) Drive to Tolmin, then continue driving to Kobarid. When you reach Idrsko, turn left in the direction of Livek and follow the signs for Avsa and Matajur from Livko. From Avsa, continue for another 300 metres and then park at the marked parking area.
b) From Kobarid, drive towards Tolmin, but only as far as Idrsko, where you turn right towards Livek, and from Livko follow the signs for Avsa and Matajur. From Avsa, continue for another 300 metres and then park in the marked parking area.
Path description:
From the parking lot, follow the marked path in the route Monte Mataiur, initially walking through the forest and crossing at cart track. There is a climb through two short hayfields, and then back into the dense forest, with a moderate to steep ascent, and a slight descent here and there. At a higher level, cross a metal fence, after which the path turns right and continues along cart track. Cart track soon ends and we continue on the track, which continues over a partly grassy slope surrounded by strips of woodland. A little further on, the path turns left and completely flattens out on the slopes of Srednji vrh.
Here you can climb to Srednji vrh in a few minutes on a trackless path, otherwise continue on the marked path which crosses the slopes of the summit and joins the forest road a little further on. Follow the road to the right and quickly reach a marked crossroads in a small valley between Mrzli vrh and Srednji vrh.
At the crossroads, a marked but unmarked trail branches off to the right to Mrzli vrh, Srednji vrh and Idrska planina, and we continue along the road, which splits on the west side of Mrzli vrh.
Continue on the left road (Idrska planina on the right), which is joined by the "new" trail from Avsa or Livko just a little further on.
From the less visible crossroads, walk along the road for a few minutes, then leave it at the next marked crossroads and continue right towards Monte Mataiur (straight Home to Monte Mataiure).
Further on, the path begins to climb again over a partly grassy slope, from which we can enjoy increasingly beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Higher up, as the path gradually passes onto the northern slopes, the path from the village of Svino joins us from the right, and we continue towards Monte Mataiur. After a few minutes of cross-country climbing, we arrive at a crossroads below Glava, where we leave the usual route to Matajur and continue straight on in the direction of Visoki Glava (to the left, the usual route to Matajur).
The walk is quite gentle, along a path that runs north of the eastern Matajur ridge and is, except in dry periods, quite muddy. As you approach the northern ridge Monte Mataiur, you almost imperceptibly cross the state border, and then, in a cross-climb to the right, you reach the ridge, where you join a better-beaten path, which you immediately leave, as you continue right onto a trackless path, which takes about 5 minutes to reach the unmarked summit of Visoki glave (High Head).
Description and figures refer to the situation in 2018 (October).
zemljovid puta - Visoka glava (on Matajur)
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Avsa - Visoka glava (on Matajur)43
Avsa - Visoka glava (on Matajur)44
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Avsa - Visoka glava (on Matajur)46
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