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Blindworm (Anguis fragilis)

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Alpine animals / Blindworm (Anguis fragilis)
 Blindworm (Anguis fragilis)
Description of animal (automatic translation):

Blind man is up to 50cm big breznogi lizard, which observed the solar jasah wet, forests and meadows slopes to a height of 2000m. Recognized by the gray - brown, smooth and shiny hull that almost imperceptibly moves the tail. Active morning, evening and the rain, throughout the day observed by hidden under stones. Consumed by earthworms, snails and insects. A female born at the end of summer to 20 pups. .

Blindworm (Anguis fragilis) Blindworm (Anguis fragilis) Blindworm (Anguis fragilis) Blindworm (Anguis fragilis)
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