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Trdinov vrh

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Trdinov vrh

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Mountain range: Zasavsko - Posavsko hribovje and Dolenjska
Elevation: 1178 m / 3865 ft
Temperature: - °C / - °F
Lat/Lon: 45,75978°N / 15,31811°E
Type: peak, church
Weather forecast:
Views: 574356
Popularity: 96% (113th place)
Number of paths: 3
Number of GPS tracks: 3
Description of mountain (automatic translation):

Trdinov top is the highest point in the top of the Gorjanci. The summit is due to a poor view of the forest, despite this, having seen the beautiful visibility and Julijcev Kamniško Savinian Alps. On top of which the Croats say Gera Council (Council of Slovenian Jera) were placed two smaller churches. First, the Council Jera from which the rest of the ruins and the other is the chapel of Saint Elijah, which is located on the Croatian side and has renovated penthouse, which prevents deterioration of the walls. Top has next to the church also panoramic plate and registration box with a stamp. On top of Trdinov are also placed transmitters, which are pretty apparent from the valley.

Surroundings within radius of km:
Dom pri Miklavžu (964m), Planinski dom pri Gospodični (822m)
Webcams in radius of  km:
Dobovo, Dobruška vas, Kronovo, Metlika, Novo mesto, Planinski dom pri Gospodični, Sveti Miklavž (Gorjanci), Trdinov vrh (Gorjanci), Vahta
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Trdinov vrh Trdinov vrh Trdinov vrh Trdinov vrh Trdinov vrh

Hiking Trips:

Gabrje - Trdinov vrh 2 heasy marked wayHiking description contains pictures
Planinski dom pri Gospodični - Trdinov vrh 50 mineasy marked wayHiking description contains pictures
Krvavi kamen - Trdinov vrh 40 mineasy marked wayHiking description contains pictures
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