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Hunting cottage Na Utrci

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Hunting cottage Na Utrci

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Julian Alps
Elevation: 1500 m / 4921 ft
Temperature: - °C / - °F
Lat/Lon: 46,39604°N / 13,79424°E
Weather forecast:
Views: 235303
Popularity: 59% (1247th place)
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain (automatic translation):

The parking lot is across the street to the left in the direction of Pogačnikovega home in slices, please podih (right-hand road leads to Prehodavcem and Doliču). After 15 minutes of walking the road leads us to the lower station of the freight lift, where only the ends.
The rise continued after the marked hiking path (mulatjeri), which is a moderate climb through the forest. The path, which climbs above the valley, White Brook, however, quickly lead us to the very steep slopes (the risk of rocks falling), which leads across a wide pedestrian path. The way to crosses GRAPO Great cut, for which we get a brief exposure to the policy, through which we get through jeklenice. Next, the path returns to the woods, where the number of moderate climbs okljukih. A small path leads us to a minor under the overhang, where we can see a number of sticks, which hikers set to not scale waves in the valley (they stick out more for fun than real). The way to crosses some small grape, and then we pass the chapel leads to higher grape. With some caution (nezahtevno) that cut across GRAPO which in a few minutes further to walk up to a pleasant resting place (the two benches on the way). Next cut across one more GRAPO (in early summer snežišča option), then returned to the path in the woods. The higher the forest is becoming scarce, the path is steep, but somewhat more and more views.
At the height of approximately 1500 m, at the point where the marked path turns to the right, we observed a slightly larger scale unlabelled stezico, which turns to the left of us and after a minute walk leads to a hunting cabin..

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Hunting cottage Na Utrci Hunting cottage Na Utrci

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Zadnjica - Hunting cottage Na Utrci 2 h 30 mineasy unmarked wayHiking description contains pictures
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