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Pod Luknjo - Planina Osredki -

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Pod Luknjo - Planina Osredki

Starting point: Pod Luknjo (950 m)
Destination: Planina Osredki (1400 m)
Path name: -
Time of walking: 1 h 15 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: partly demanding
Altitude difference: 450 m
Altitude difference (by path): 450 m
Map: TNP 1:50.000
Hiking equipment (summer):
Hiking equipment (winter):
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Access to starting point (automatic translation):

Zapeljemo avalanche in the Bistrica, where the focusing against Soriška planina. We will soon see the mark for the finger right black, but we continue straight. Few later, come to the junction where to focus our signpost right toward the village Straight. Focusing on that road which leads to the end of the village, where the asphalt ends. Next continue as a macadam road, which leads us past the former house of Dr.. John Mencingerjeva (now a private house). Then follow this road for about 4km to the place where we connected from the right side of deteriorating forest road (in the vicinity of the hunting observatory, a number of kolovoz Mountaineering mark for the Black soil). Parkiramo on one of the smaller parks along the road, but so that they do not oviramo forestry work (harvesting timber).

Path description (automatic translation):

Because of forestry work and, consequently, a number of tractor train routes is the beginning rather difficult to find. During hunting observatory and an alpine board for the Black soil are the three major kolovoz which is the road to target left-up (the direction of our arrival). Select the "first" then that which is the nearest hunting Observatory (Mountaineering Council for Black soil for us to focus on the "last" kolovoz, but if we are oriented in the direction of the table, we will quickly reaching).
So when we decided on the upswing after the "first" we kolovozu after only a few minutes of the rise seen markings (route comes from the Cross "last" kolovoz and is completely overgrown). Wide tractor trains then follow slightly to the left, but only to the place where our focus right markings on a slightly narrower kolovoz. Next orientation is significantly easier, because ending maze kolovozov. With occasionally slightly more steep path but soon left against offs marked path Orožnovi cottage. Continue straight Monday kolovozu, which leads us higher in less dolinico after which the Forest povzpnejo to the road (until I take about 30 minutes). When you step on the road continued a few steps left, then we Mountaineering Council for Montenegro usmeri finger right into the forest where they begin a steep climb. The path crosses a slightly higher overgrown JASO (fern and malinovje) and then returned to the forest where to come all the way to the mountain Osredki.

Trip can be prolonged to next destinations: Četrt (1 h 45 min), Črna prst (1 h 15 min), Konjski vrh (2 h), Poljanski vrh (2 h 15 min), Matajurski vrh (2 h 35 min)
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