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Kraljev hrib - Planina Dol

Starting point: Kraljev hrib (540 m)
Destination: Planina Dol (1308 m)
Path name: -
Time of walking: 2 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: demanding
Altitude difference: 768 m
Altitude difference (by path): 768 m
Map: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe 1:50.000
Hiking equipment (summer):
Hiking equipment (winter): crampons, ice axe
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Trip rating: 1 votes
GPS track: Kraljev hrib-Planina Dol
Number of pictures: 23
Number of comments: 2
Access to starting point (automatic translation):

On 03. 08. In 2008 I went to the top of Korena and from there to smell - and Krvavca back to the starting point. I went from Ljubljana by car, but otherwise it is important to drive in Hadera. Take after bypass through Hadera and turn left at the end of Kamnika across the bridge to the direction of Big Mountain, Kamniška Bistrica. Just across the bridge, the traffic circle in which you have left for Great Mountain. Then you come to Stahovica (about 4 km from Kamnika) and at the end of this village, turn left on the direction of Great Planina. Drive after gorge Kamniska Bistrica and get to the parking lot under the gondolas for Great Mountain. Now you have more options regarding parking. Park may already gondolas and then you go walking by the main road back towards Kamnik about 20 meters and turn right into the forest to wooded road (gravel). You'll also need less than 1 hour to my starting point, where am I left the car. I am going there by car under this forest road (when the drive against the car park below the gondolas is off about 20 meters before the branch for the gondolas), then turn to this forest macadam path and continue the path along the stream. How high you go, your decision. I was a little too brave, and I came by car to the highest possible point where the road carrying away water. Then I had some problems just by turning (I had to take reversing Monday macadam poor steep road). I did it to get to this highest possible point because I was in the car itself, because the car a little higher than other personal (Renault Scenic) and sometimes a little too much hope. We would suggest that the drive of this forest macadam road to the place where you felt it was not appropriate. The road is a kilometer more narrow, more steep and deteriorating. So somewhere in the middle path between the asphalt and the highest point will likely best if you do not want to have problems with the vehicle, if you were in the vehicle more if you do not want to break the chassis or vehicle clutches.

Path description (automatic translation):

From the place where I parked the car, is a few meters climb Monday macadam road (which is sometimes the gravel road, on the day of my visit was destroyed from the torrential waters) and then get to the mountain sign, which invites you right in the woods. Right from the beginning I have to say that the route marked by relatively well, but problems arise at the junctions mountain path, because there is no "direction table 'or. One is, but expect at the crossroads of two, if the path split in two directions. If we start down the path. 09:07 leave the vehicle and go to the hill. At the 09:15 I came to the fork, where there is already a sign of alpine and where I went right even more in the hill. At the 09:38 I came to a junction where they were inscriptions on the trees for Krvavec left, right and back to the gate of the Kamniško Bistrica. I am still here went about 10 meters left in the direction of the hill, and there come Krvavec the mountainous red direction board, where the pen Krvavec, Kriška planina. The fact is, the more t remember where I went to the crossroads, but definitely not in the direction of Krvavca. So I suppose that I went right in the direction of Port. At 10:00 pm I've got so much out of the woods that I saw in his left east wall Krvavca and smell and concrete building on the edge of the hill, which is becoming one of the upper lifts the Krvavec. After a few extra minutes of walking at 10:11 am, I came to hunting lodges. So I needed a little more than an hour for the ascent to hunting lodges, where I sat for a few minutes, look at the map, drink water. (1 hour 5 minutes walk effective) At 10:10 am to continue the path of the hunting cabin, where after a few meters walk to the crossing, the unmarked. From this junction, the case can be left for Krvavec, Kriško Mountain, or the right to Top Korena. At this crossroads me later "committed sausage". If you miss Tuesday crossing, is another much more clearly visible after 2 - 3 minutes walk of the hunting cabin. Even at this crossroads, there is no direction table. I am in the second intersection go right against SV. At the 10:55 am I came to planšarije where I was welcomed by cows, but nowhere planšarja. (45 effective minutes walk) The way I continued from Planšarije I continued through the valley past pine grmičkov at 11:30 pm and arrived at the top of Korena. Here, I tied the soul of one beer from the backpack and recorded some beautiful photos of surrounding mountains. The view from the Summit Korena is wonderful and all -. (35 effective minutes walk) At 10:50 am and continue the path after summits in the direction of clang and Krvavca. On the way to smell as well as two wall, where the route is virtually vertical, and is therefore protected by jeklenicami. I am talking about more than 10 meters jeklenice, but if someone is afraid of this, not to walk on this path. It is not anything terrible, I met on the road about 7 years old boy with parents. On Zvoh I came at 12:30 pm. (1 hour 40 minutes effective walk) Here I am not ustavljal, but I will continue the path towards the top Krvavca and then to the chapel below the top Krvavca, and from there I draw the (left; JV) against Kriška planina. On the mountain Kriško I came at 13:10 pm. (40 effective minutes walk). In the alpine house PR'FLORJANU (1525 m) I afford another beer and Szeged. With beer, I was pleased with segedinom not. Szeged was otherwise tasty, but it was extremely driven and it only a few small pieces of meat. Certainly far from Szeged my mother (Szeged, any notion of me at home, would suffice in this house for 5 portions!). I helped you with bread and chocolate in the backpack. Otherwise, I was surprised price of 6 per beer and Szeged, I expect even more of what the euro. Moving on. At the 13:40 am the way, continued through Kriška planina (again, it was poorly marked route) and somehow found the only way to my starting point. I do not know what at the time I came back to hunting lodges, where I was "committed sausage". At the starting point of my walk I came at 15:05 pm. (1 hour 25 minutes effective walk). I am therefore effective walked 6 hours and 10 minutes.

Trip can be prolonged to next destinations: Planina Konjščica (Velika planina) (30 min), Koritni vrh (Velika planina) (1 h), Planina Rzenik (1 h), Gradišče (Velika planina) (1 h), Konj (1 h 30 min), Rzenik (1 h 40 min)
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