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Breg - Lisca -

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Breg - Lisca

Starting point: Breg (220 m)
Destination: Lisca (948 m)
Path name: -
Time of walking: 2 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: easily
Altitude difference: 728 m
Altitude difference (by path): 728 m
Hiking equipment (summer):
Hiking equipment (winter):
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Trip rating: 5 votes
Number of pictures: 20
Number of comments: 21
Access to starting point (automatic translation):

Ali Celja Zasavja from the zapeljemo in Zidani Most and from there proceed against Sevnici. Only a few meters before the road crosses the river Sava is focusing left in the direction of the village of Loka and Breg. Then follow this road to the village of Dublin, where code for us to focus Lisco left up. Next we pass still good 500m to the parking lot at the mountain road markings for Lisco.
From Trebnjega or Krško pass against Sevnici and immediately after the bridge, which cut across, turn left towards the village of Walnut and Breg. When our road leads to the village of Breg, turn right towards Lisca. Next follows the above description.

Path description (automatic translation):

With the road cut across the parking lot and across the foot path that is parallel to the road climbs. After five minutes of walking path leads us from the forest on the hillside Kelly get to the middle of kolovoz which is then some time vzpenjamo. Kolovoz us then pass through the lower house of leads passed on the other side of the hill. The path will soon lead us then to the fuzzy hairy ridge which is steep for some time fight vzpenjamo. After a while, but we lead the way in the village where the route of asfaltirani continue as the road. Leave the road after about 10 minutes of walk, when we mark right on target kolovoz, which runs parallel to the road. Kolovoz us then quickly leads to the next house where again step on the road. There continue to the right down a few meters to the place where our focus markings left the house and kozolcem up. The path is then vzpne across meadows, crosses the street and then go into the forest, where the steeply vzpne. After a short climb the path leads us to kolovoz, followed by the left and after a few steps to leave the quarry. Next Monday is vzpenjamo cities are pretty steep path that leads us over time to the church of Saint Jošta. Next we continue on the left side of the church Monday nicely visible and well-marked path that leads us shortly on the peak slope Lisca. Followed by only a slight rise of the boletes and Tončkove huts Monday zložnem grass slope. From cabin to the top of which stands at the viewing platform we have only a few steps walking.

On the way: Sveti Jošt (790m)
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